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The Concepts of Coaching and Mentoring

Guiding people through the right way through life can be a daunting task for any person who is tasked to do it. A person who has to do the guiding has a lot of delicate balances to strike: he or she has to be strong enough to reprimand the person who is following him or her when that follower ... of mentoring and coaching, as well as different techniques associated with each. For more information, you can talk to professional mentors and coaches, or do more research online.

by Knightmare
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A Definition of Mentoring

When people say that no man is an island, they don't only mean that no man or woman should live alone. That much-used phrase also refers to the fact that men and women are perpetually learning creatures: they need the help of someone to guide them through life, and to help them make wise decisions ... are only a few facts that are associated with mentoring. There are many mentoring and mentorship programs available, and you can find out more about them through the Internet.

by VirtualAssassin
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The Concepts of Mentoring, Coaching, and Directing

Being a guide for someone is definitely not an easy task. You have to be experienced and wise enough to be able to share knowledge and wisdom, and moreover, you need to be able to know how to share your knowledge and wisdom well enough in order to be completely understood. You also have to know how to ... directing, a boss-employee relationship would be closer in definition, especially when the higher person is ordering the lower person on how exactly to live his or her life.

by TwinNut
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All About Juvenile Mentoring Programs

Guiding young people toward a better life can be a rewarding experience, but it can be a difficult and harrowing experience as well. Many young persons are not necessarily open to being guided, and will often protest that they are shackled and constrained especially when someone insists on being the wiser being over them. Young persons need ... may either help you as a mentee, or train you as a mentor. You too, can help the younger generation do better in the years to come.

by Explorer
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Saving At-Risk Youth by Mentoring

The youth, it is said that they are the hope of the new generation. But what happens if at an early age they fall victim and/or exposed to a society that is plagued by racial discrimination, use of illegal drugs, pornography that led to rape and unwanted pregnancies, robberies, gang wars in schools that cause death by shootouts, ... evils that lurk in the dark. In the end saving at-risk youth by mentoring will have a great impact in the society we live in for years to come.

by FoolishJaguar
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Teacher Mentoring Defined: Uses, Advantages and Limitations

For many professionals, such as those involved in education and academics, mentoring is an important resource, particularly because it helps encourage new learnings and improve on established ones. Mentoring is a highly valued practice and it is a recognized method used by many educators for sharing information and knowledge. It ... of the program is also important, to allow the organization to determine if it is effective or if there is a need to improve certain aspects.

by HairyFoal
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Preparing a Proposal for a Teacher Mentoring Program

An established teacher mentoring program is an important asset for any educational institution. It helps develop talent, maintain a school's quality standards, ensure its compliance to state or even national benchmarks and provide high quality standards of teaching for students. It's also a way to help improve ... school. The success of the proposal and ultimately, the teacher mentoring program will depend on how well it is designed and accepted by school administrators.

by HuggingDuck
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Peer Mentoring – Helping the Teens Beat Pressures of Adolescence

Teenagers are facing the most critical stage in their life - adolescence. At this stage, they experience the transition from childhood towards adulthood; in the process of transition, teens deal with lots of biological, emotional, social and psychological changes. Often, these changes make a life of a teenager ... schoolmates, and friends' recommendations. You can also ask the head of your local community church or youth organizations in your community or neighboring areas.

by Madept
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Tips on Successful Implementation of Mentoring

Mentoring, training and coaching programs for novice teachers are excellent ways to improve the quality of skills and knowledge of a new teacher, his job satisfaction, and his professional competence. These programs available for the new teacher are also effective means of enhancing the student's abilities and the ... profession. These things are vital to the implementation and improvement not only of the mentoring programs of the particular school but of others as well.

by Camella
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Mentoring Teachers Programs – Improved Professional Competence and Educational Reform

Many schools in the US have formalized the process of mentoring novice teachers as their way of inducting the new teacher into the teaching profession. They run Mentoring Teachers Programs, which enable a newbie to adjust to the new teaching career through the assistance of a veteran teacher. In these programs, the ... also as a vital retention strategy. The study recognizes that the attrition of new teachers is among the cause of shortages of teachers in some schools.

by Hawkward
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The Proper Way of Mentoring Special Educators

There's a shortage of special educators these days. Special education teachers are badly needed by almost all of school districts today. They are wanted in 98% of all the educational institutions of the U.S. And over the next years, more than a million new special educators are required. Special educators ... up their jobs easily. These professionals are very important in the society. Their roles are indispensable so they have to be given the proper attention they need.

by Titank
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Effective Mentoring Relationships

The Mentor-Mentee Relationship The role of a mentor is to aid the mentee in reaching his goals. While the mentor can certainly learn a lot from teaching and leading others, the relationship between the mentor and the mentee should be mentee-centered. So the mentor should listen, guide, and even challenge the mentee to ... another's well-being. Even after the mentoring program ends though, the mentor can still support the mentee and be there for the mentee when he is needed.

by FlamboyantChomper
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Learnings from Mentoring Quotes

"Mentoring", this Greek term has been used in countless ways so you can expect that there are various wise mentoring quotes that abound. But it all refers to the same concept, giving guidance and advice to another person. The term "mentoring" actually comes from the Greek word that means enduring. This is a committed ... that, they believe that their mentees can do it. This, in itself, is usually encouragement enough for the mentee to do their best to succeed in life.

by AfternoonFay
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What to Avoid in Mentoring Programs

What is mentoring? Before we can effectively look at the benefits you can derive from mentoring programs, it is first essential to understand what mentoring really is. Mentoring is simply the process wherein people are helped by a person or an organization for their personal and professional development. The person who is doing the ... simply act of asking how a person is doing is an act of asking how a person is doing can be motivation for them to improve their performance.

by PlushSeal
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How Mentoring Programs Establish Self-Confidence

Mentoring programs establish the self-confidence and the self-assurance of a mentee who uses it as a tool for personal and professional development. There are certainly many benefits you can expect from joining a mentoring program because you will learn from someone who has the necessary experience to coach you on what you have ... of your success. As you can see, while the mentor will provide you with guidance during the mentoring program, your success is entirely up to you.

by PerfumedNecromancer
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Why Join a Mentoring Program?

Joining a mentoring program is a very powerful tool that can help you reach your potential because of the training and empowerment it provides. Mentoring is also one of the most effective ways for you to advance in your career because your skills are developed and your performance is monitored. In short, mentoring enables ... be aware of the everyday challenges that his mentee faces so that these issues can be faced accordingly and enable the mentee to succeed in his career.

by CheeryGrin
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The Fine Art of Mentoring

Mentoring doesn't have to be a complicated process or business. Once it is designed to fit a particular need, it can be a very effective and simple method to implement, something that will be easy to use once it's established. Although it consists of certain processes and procedures, mentoring is actually ... program. Without a set feedback system in place, it will be difficult indeed to quantify the efficacy of mentoring within an organization and thus rate its success.

by TrainedGuy
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Improving Student Performance through Mentoring

Mentoring is an important aspect of schooling, although it is often neglected, even by educators themselves. Although many students often do well without extra assistance, they can do so through extra effort and work on their part. Many students, however, either lack the opportunity or the will to perform ... consider personality and mentoring styles in order to create a perfect match. If a certain match proves to be bad, corrections must be implemented immediately.

by MammothMoth
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The Growing Need for Mentoring in Healthcare

Of the many programs that have been introduced and integrated in the healthcare practice, mentoring has been one of the most misunderstood and under-utilized. This is unfortunate, considering that healthcare is a sector in many areas of business that has seen an upward growth. Without mentoring, many of the ... country in order to provide a more effective means to care for and assist clients, develop staff knowledge and skills and improve the practice of healthcare.

by BunBunny
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The Importance of Mentoring for Children of Prisoners

It is estimated that there is approximately 2 million youths in the United States that have an incarcerated parent. It is also estimated that there are over 7 million children with one parent who is under the supervision of the Federal or state correctional authorities. The figures indicate that there are nearly ... financial services to help caregivers of children of prisoners cope with the financial burdens of running a household in the absence of one or both parents.

by Oystrich
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