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Are You Holding Onto Too Much Product?

We all love to make money but after a while when you get too much product built up, you can start losing money. Why would we do that? What happens is we get in a mindset on the value we feel our items are worth, rather than ... "X" amount from certain products, if they're not pulling it in, then "X" them out and move onto newer hotter products!

by TwinNut
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Search Engine Optimization – Only One Part of a Succesful Internet Marketing Strategy

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not the means to an end. It should only be one part of your total Internet Marketing strategy. It is a fundamental part of your strategy and it is considered the baseline. High search ... SEO as part of yoru overall brand and Internet marketing strategy will position you at the higher rankings of your industry.

by Explorer
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Marketing With A Custom Postcard

Custom postcards are often used for direct mail campaigns. The advantages are many. Custom postcards are cheaper to make and mail than traditional direct market brochures or letters. Custom postcards get a higher response rate than most ... customer's interest. If done right, a custom postcard can be a great addition to your marketing tools.

by FoolishJaguar
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Five Tips for Link Trading

Link trading is a great, free way to promote your small or home-based business. However, many links pages are crowded with inappropriate or disorganized links, taking away from the professionalism of the website. Here ... a professional links page that boosts your business and offers you a great reputation for professionalism and customer care.

by HairyFoal
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Dramatically Increase your sales with these tips

If your are just starting a business venture then the following tips will provide you with a solid foundation for growing your new company and if you have been in business for a while you can use these tips as a supplement to your existing ... . Make a commitment to apply at lease one of these tips each day and you will be amazed by the results.

by HuggingDuck
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Should I Lead With The Business Or The Product?

That's a popular question. Some people insist you lead with the business (and they tell you to offer the product as a last resort only if the prospect says No to the business); others say they'd rather lead with the ... which features hundreds of stories, tips, books and CD programs for those who want to learn the art of network marketing.

by Madept
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The Wrong Time To Write A Press Release

Is there ever a wrong time to try to get free publicity for your company, product, or service? Oh, yeah. The "wrong" time isn't just about bad days of the week, like Monday morning, or bad times of the year, like Christmas Eve. ... 't put out your press release until you're sure you're ready. That's the only right time to send a press release.

by Camella
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Impressing Your Customers Is Easy With 3 Guaranteed Tactics

Customer satisfaction isn't one single act, but a group of actions that work together to make their experience a pleasant and satisfying experience. You've probably eaten at a restaurant where the food was wonderful, but the service slow ... form, and you'll be able to answer a lot of consumer questions without sacrificing as much of your time.

by Hawkward
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The Downside Of Targeting Niche Markets

While there exists a rather large potential for profit when marketing for a specific audience, the process is not without its disadvantages. The work that must be put into analysis and research is often overwhelming and the ... make the process of market analysis much less chaotic and simultaneously make it seem like less of a disadvantage.

by Titank
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How do you Market your Business?

According to a recently conducted study, 76.1% of respondents can recollect the advertiser's name through the promotional items that the latter have received from the advertiser. Most of the respondents also said that they are ... from these versatile promotional products. They are useful, productive and indispensable to the success of a business.

by FlamboyantChomper
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Award-Winning Web Sites Place Visitors First

What does it take to have an award-winning Web site? According to the Web Marketing Association, it takes a combination of qualities. Since 1997, the Web Marketing Association's Web- Award Competition has set the standard of excellence for ... The best Web sites make sure that users can get to any other area on the site in three clicks or less.

by PlushSeal
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3 Elements That Make Your Ad Successful

When was the last time you bought a car? Did you really NEED a car? I mean REALLY need a car? Chances are the one you were driving was still running when you bought the car you have now. Yep, Americans rarely ... you are focused on the benefits the consumer will experience from the purchase, and not on the features of the product or service.

by PerfumedNecromancer
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Targeting Niche Markets

Many products available on the market are geared towards a specific group of consumers. They are created and advertised with this group of individuals in mind and if effective they should cater to the needs or wants of this ... you can study previous product campaigns launched on this audience and determine where they worked and where they failed.

by CheeryGrin
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Free T Shirt Offer – Are they really free?

The modern day craze has created a huge demand for designer clothing all over the world. Many young guns are going for a casual wear than what it used to be 20 years ago. A simple T-shirt and low waist jeans makes both ... and size. Though these t-shirt can be easily used for promotional purpose but many companies prefer not to distribute them.

by TrainedGuy
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Reciprocal Link Exchange A Way To Increase Website Traffic

Effective link exchange can attract larger, quality and targeted traffic for your web site. The link exchange process helps you establish innumerable fruitful links with other web sites. Thus, you can win more quality and targeted ... a spreadsheet to keep track of the link exchanges you have requested and the contact details of the webmasters.

by MammothMoth
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Identify The Ideal Target Audience With These 5 Tips

Narrowing your focus to one primary group of people is often difficult for small business owners. They want to help everyone - and very often their product or service CAN help a variety of people. It also goes against human nature to ... to start. You can always refine your audience and your plan later as you learn more. (C) 2005 Debbie LaChusa

by BunBunny
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The Surest Way to Boost Sales

If you have a small business and you are looking to boost your sales and make the public aware of your business, how do you going about doing this? There is one sure way that I know to boost sales and create awareness. It may ... people who are most likely to respond, and with a message that speaks directly to their needs? (C) 2005 Debbie LaChusa

by Oystrich
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MLM Network Marketing

Multilevel marketing, or MLM, is a structure that is in place for promoting and selling goods or services with the help of a net of distributors. Multilevel marketing programs function with a special emphasis on recruitment ... fortunate few. Most people have little to cheer about except the costly products or marketing materials they purchased.

by Conjursa
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Directory Submission – Automated v/s Manual submissions

Directory submission service is a specialized service and not a simple data entry job as most people think. Directory submission requires precision knowledge of SEO and the skill level comes into play when a limited space is available ... effort. If you need to know more about Directory Submission Services - kindly contact the author's website.

by KeyboardPie
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Why Marketing Professional Do not Use eCards Everyday?

You are a marketing professional. If you were to answer few questions, will you be able to? Let me ask you. What is the birthday of your top ten buyers? What is the date of their wedding anniversary? How many children do they ... that your buyer would not call offers from anybody else. Marketing is an art. Use ecards to perfect that at no cost.

by BouncyOracle
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