Fundraising Marketplace System

Fundraising Marketplace System

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About Fundraiser

Purpose of this website is to raise funds for individuals, non profits and for profit businesses.

For Donors

How to search fundraisers ?

Click on fundraisers link and search for desired fundraiser.

How to view fundraiser details?

Each fundraiser includes details about an organizer, donation cause and a beneficiary.

How to view funds paid for fundraisers ?

Click on funds paid link to view donation history.

What if beneficiary is not available to collect funds ?

We will make an effort to find beneficiary to release funds, however if beneficiary is not avialble to receive funds, all donations will be refunded to donors.

How to report a fundraiser ?

Please contact us immidiately to report an issue.

For Organizers

How to submit a fundraiser ? ?

Create a free account and click on add fundraiser. Fill out the necessary details and wait for an approval.

Can I create a fundraiser on behalf of someone else ?

Yes. However we will need an approval from fundraiser beneficiary. Beneficiary name is publicly shown on fundraiser page.

Can I change beneficiary later ?

Yes. You can change a beneficiary later, however we will need an approval from current beneficiary.

How to view funds received for my fundraiser ?

Click on funds received link to view donation history.

How to share an update for my fundraiser ?

Go to manage fundraisers and click on share updates button to share an update.

How to view donor list for my fundraiser ?

Go to manage fundraisers and click on donors button to view donor list. For privacy reason only first name of the donor and amount is disclosed to you.

How to view total donations and associated fees ?

Go to manage fundraisers and click on payout button to view total donations, associated fees and payout amount.

How to withdraw received funds for my fundraiser ?

Contact us to release funds. We will need an approval from beneficiary. Generally funds are directly released to beneficiary only, however we may release funds to a fundraiser organizer after an approval from current beneficiary.

Can I make my fundraiser private ?

Yes. Go to manage fundraiser and click on update button. Select status private on edit fundraiser page. You will no longer receive donations until you make your fundraiser public again.

Can I keep on my fundraiser public after reaching an amount goal ?

Yes. You may keep it public if you wish to do so.

Can I change fundraiser goal amount ?

Yes. You may change a goal amount from edit fundraiser page. It is recommeded that you share an update when goal amount is changed.

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