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Guide to Tax Deductible Expenses

If you own rental property, it is important to make sure that you understand possible deductions in order to improve your ... will need to make sure you provide documentation, including receipts.

Posted by Monkeyno
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Financing Options for Rental Property

Many investors are now finding that rental property can be an excellent way to create wealth. If you are considering getting involved in ... later point in order to obtain a better rate and terms.

Posted by SnailMail
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Establishing Valid Criteria for Selecting Tenants

Establishing tenant selection criteria can be one of the most confusing areas of operating rental property for many people. On one ... you may consider requiring the applicant to have a co-signer.

Posted by Dragonig
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Guide to Protecting yourself and your Rental Property

Owning rental investment property can be a satisfying and lucrative operation; however, there are also several areas which need to be ... clear of trouble is to keep your property well maintained.

Posted by Octopixy
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Notices, Disclosures and Addendums

When you invest in rental property, it is important to understand that much of what you can do is guided by local, state ... of their pet's registration papers as well as their vaccination records.

Posted by HairyMagpie
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Costs to Consider when Purchasing Rental Investment Property

The process of searching for investment rental property can be exciting; however, before you get too excited it is important to ... management if you will not be managing the property yourself.

Posted by ShowDolphin
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Tips for Coping with Loud Tenants

One of the most common issues that many landlords must deal with when they have investment rental property is music. It is ... that your rental property does not disturb others in the neighborhood.

Posted by GrizzlyFlash
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What to Consider before Buying Investment Rental Property

Rental property can be an excellent way to bring in additional money as well as invest in an asset that is actually tangible; ... set a successful rental property investor apart from one who fails.

Posted by VoyageHooper
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Shopping for Rental Properties-Which Types to Avoid

When you are shopping around for rental investment property it should be kept in mind that just because you find a property with a good ... better location even if it means paying a bit more in rent.

Posted by BeautifulWolf
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Planning ahead for Maintenance and Repair Costs

One of the biggest problems for many rental property investors can be failing to plan for maintenance issues in their budgets. ... these items inevitably arrive and will not be financially surprised.

Posted by FrighteningTwinkles
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Tips for Locating the Right Rental Property

The decision to invest in rental property is an important one. The first step in getting started is to choose the right property ... be certain that you can cover them before you obligate yourself.

Posted by Wallaby
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Guide to Finding the Right Investment Rental Property

Finding the right rental property is certainly one of the keys to succeeding with investment rental property. Below is a guide ... than you originally planned and detract from your profit margin.

Posted by Falconjurer
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Tips for Hiring a Property Agent

When purchasing rental property as an investment it is important to consider hiring a rental property agent. Many people hesitate to ... ensure that your investment is successful and not a headache.

Posted by Emufasa
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Tips for Handling Vacancies in your Rental Property

From time to time you will have vacancies in your investment rental property. When that occurs, you will naturally want to rent the ... then call to make an appointment with you to see the interior.

Posted by Celestiger
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Tips to Avoid Pitfalls in Owning Investment Rental Property

Owning and operating investment rental property can provide a number of important advantages. There are potential disadvantages to owning ... your rental receipts each month into a special account.

Posted by PositiveVoid
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Tips to Being a Successful Landlord

The ultimate goal of investing in rental property is turn a profit. To make sure that you achieve that goal it is essential ... you to retain quality tenants and avoid any potential legal problems.

Posted by OpinionOwl
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Guide to Vacation Rental Properties

While many investors who purchase rental property focus on residences intended for year-around living, there is no denying the fact ... do this using a DSL connection, WIFI or wireless connection.

Posted by TrustyKitty
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Tips for Avoiding Discrimination and Ensuring Fair Housing

Avoiding discrimination is imperative when you own investment rental property. The Fair Housing Act regulates this and you could find ... calls for it based on available space within the dwelling.

Posted by SleepyFledgling
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Guide to Showing your Rental Property to Prospective Tenants

In order to succeed when you invest in rental properties it is necessary to show your property to potential tenants. Just as ... terms such as security deposit amounts, pet deposits and key deposits.

Posted by GroundHurricane
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Tips to Avoid Problem Tenants in your Rental Property

Having the right tenants in your property can truly make a huge difference in your ability to succeed in owning investment rental property ... beginning, you can help to avoid a number of problems.

Posted by SwiftHeroine
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