Technical Support for Websites

Business People Club - Technical Support for Websites


What type of websites you support?

We support any type of WordPress sites.


What if my site break after update?

We will fix your site and get you up and running.


I don’t have a WordPress website?

No problem we can build one and help you manage it.


How many websites can I add?

You can add unlimited wordpress websites. Click on add website link on top menu and add your website to get support.


What is theme update?

WordPress website themes (designs) are updated often to fix technical issues or to add new features to the site. We will update the theme for you. If you need custom modifications, additional charges may apply.


What is plugin update?

WordPress Plugins are often updated to patch technical issues or to add new features to the site. We will update your plugins for latest features (*additional charges may apply if you need customizations).


What is spam removal?

We will monitor your website for any type of spamming or hacking incidents and take extra steps to prevent it.


Can you help me add more features to my website?

Yes. Our team of experts can help you with that for additional charge.


Is there a monthly or annual contract?

No. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel at anytime.


How to add a website?

Click on add site link on top menu to add a website to get support.


How to view my current websites?

Click on my sites link on top menu to view your websites.


How to submit support tickets?

Click on submit ticket link on top menu to submit tickets.


How to contact support?

Click on contact us link on top menu to contact us directly.

For premium members, you can contact us by submiting a support ticket.


How to discontinue support for one of my website?

Please submit a ticket to discontinue support for your website. 


What is your refund policy?

You can get a full refund within 30 days of subscribing. There will be no refund after 30 days.