Is it free to join?

Yes. Get your free account and join our awesome community.

What can I do on the site?

You can ask questions, answer questions and display your profile to build your audience. 

Can I get leads for my business?

Yes. Answer questions and build your profile. Other users can send you a private message. You can display your name, location, skills, company details to get leads on your profile page.

What kinds of questions can I ask here?

Most importantly, questions should be relevant to our community. Before you ask, please make sure to search for a similar question. You can search for questions by their title or tags.

What kinds of questions should be avoided?

Please avoid asking questions that are not related to our community, too subjective or argumentative.

Who moderates this community?

The short answer is: you. This website is moderated by the users. Points system allows users to earn rights to perform a variety of moderation tasks.

How does point system work?

When a question or answer is voted up, the user who posted it will gain points. These points serve as a rough measure of the community trust in that person. Various moderation tasks are gradually assigned to the users based on those points. 

For example, if you ask an interesting question or useful answer, it will likely be voted up. On the other hand if the question is poorly-worded or the answer is misleading - it will likely be voted down. Each up vote on a question will generate 1 points, whereas each vote against will subtract 1 points. The following table lists points gained per activity:


Posting a question:  20 points
Selecting an answer for your question:  30 points
Per up vote on your question: + 10 points
Per down vote on your question: - 10 points
Limit from up votes on each question: + 100 points
Limit from down votes on each question:  30 points
Posting an answer:  40 points
Having your answer selected as the best:  300 points
Per up vote on your answer: + 20 points
Per down vote on your answer: - 20 points
Limit from up votes on each answer: + 200 points
Limit from down votes on each answer:  50 points
Voting up a question:  10 points
Voting down a question:  10 points
Voting up an answer:  10 points
Voting down an answer:  10 points
Add for all users: + 100 points

Still have questions?

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