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The Most Expensive Mistake I ever made was Hiring a Cheap Engineer

Just had one of those calls again. Startup that hired an engineer at a really good rate. To make a long story short, it did not end up well. Even though the rate was well below market, it still ended up costing much more than it should and worse, took a lot of time. In the end, ... So if price is not a way to choose product develop services, then what is? Steve Owens - Finish Line PDS A Better Way for Small Companies to Develop Products

by Steve.Owens
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Different Ways to Pay for Product Development

here are many more ways to pay for product development than you may realize, including not paying for it at all. What is right for your situation will depend on your exact circumstances. You may wish to review the following before starting your next product development project. ... provide complete product development teams, with management, processes, reference designs, etc. Product Development Companies (PDCs) work best with small companies (

by Steve.Owens
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