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Logo – Its Significance!

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by HairySeahorse
Logo! What does it represent? This is a basic question that comes to the mind, when we think of a logo. Logo is the smallest and the shortest form to convey the identity, thoughts, vision, and intentions of a person, or a corporate. It is also a symbol and representative of corporate mission. This could also be used by social groups or organizations to express their ideals, or views on different social aspects. Logo’s can also be used by a group of educationist, trying to promote physical sciences, social sciences, historical interpretation/facts, geographical facts, and many other educational fields with a view to spread knowledge among the people interested in that area or strengthen their groups.

Logos, when used by a company, business establishment or a corporate body is generally to represent their business interest, vision and derive material/monetary benefits there from. It represents, to an extent the personality of individual, or the group of people who are promoting that business interest.

Logo is generally dimensionally small in size, so as to fit into various stationery items, brochures, flyers, banners, and other means of conveying the message/communication. It has been generally seen that the name of business establishment or corporate or social organization appears with the logo along with the slogan that conveys the essence of their vision and thoughts.

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