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How to Develop Content Rich Teleseminars?

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Here’s the deal.  You are interested in trying your hand at teleseminars.  You have heard the plethora of positive testimonials that demonstrate the endless financial possibilities of teleseminars.  The technology and business process behind teleseminars sounds like a match for you, but you have one stumbling block.  You aren’t sure how to create content rich teleseminars that will impress your teleseminar participants.

Let’s look at the creation of teleseminar content through the five “W’s” you learned in grammar school which include:  who, what, when, where, and why.  We will switch up the order to produce a content development plan that will be the foundation to your first content rich teleseminar.

Content Development Plan:

1.    WHAT:  “What” refers to the content you will discuss and teach in your teleseminar.  A savvy business person understands that your teleseminar topics should meet the demands of your clients.  You need to figure out what a majority of people are curious about.

2.    WHERE:  How can you figure out this information?  Boot up your computer and jump on the Internet.  The Internet has become the research tool of choice for a large chunk of the population.  You need to figure out “what” these Internet surfers are researching for on the web.  

Compile a list of keywords that you think a typical Internet user will type into such search engines as Google and Yahoo.  There are websites dedicated to providing statistics on the popularity of keywords.  For example, the website www.goodkeywords.com allows you to type in a keyword, such as “computer”, and see how many times the keyword was searched for or ranked in the past month.  This is an efficient way to determine hot topics of interest.

3.    WHO:  Let’s say you have investigated the popularity of keywords and have concluded that a popular keyword phrase is “home based business”.  However, you are not well versed in home based businesses.  How are you going to create content about a home based business?  The answer is to consult home based business experts.

There are a flurry of home based business websites on the Internet.  Seek out at least 12 qualified, reputable home based business experts.  Call these experts directly and explain the partnership you could establish for a teleseminar.

Often times these experts will have their own client email lists.  Solicit these clients to attend the teleseminar.  Allow teleseminar participants to ask the expert several questions.  The beauty of the client email lists is that these prospects are already interested in home based business information.

4.    WHEN:  Send an email to your new client lists after you have partnered with the home based business experts.  The email should ask participants to answer the following two questions:

“What is most important to you about a “home based business”?”
“What is your single biggest problem with a “home based business”?”

Review the email responses and select 7-12 of the most frequently asked questions to focus on during the teleseminar.

5.    WHY:  Providing a content rich teleseminar is critical to your reputation, client satisfaction, and future projects.  Invest time in creating the best teleseminar you possibly can.

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