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Mike Marcoe writes from first hand experience in his book 115 Ways to Reduce Anxiety, providing advice from the view of one who has traveled the road of anxiety for a long time, undergoing therapies and combing through mountains of research. His experience has resulted in this self-help guide to people looking for ways to manage their condition in a proactive and healthy manor.

Mike has a passion for non-fiction educational and self-help genres. He has attained a BA in English and has been in the writing industry for a number of years performing as an author, copy editor, proof-reader, a database guardian and has also worked for a newspaper.

115 Ways to Prevent Anxiety will provide readers with wise nutritional advice, herbal remedies that may ease anxiety symptoms and plenty of positive, proactive attitude enhancement skills. The author provides excellent tools for getting peace from anxiety disorders.

News to me was how dehydration plays a part in nervous disorders – something I will be much more aware of in the future. I am completely curious about how philosophy can play a part and I intend to investigate this possibility when I have more time. Also, I am encouraged by having it confirmed that taking up a variety of activities - drumming, living an active life, regularly doing meditative and breath enhancing yoga, walking the dog and gardening – has been a good step in the right direction for me. I truly feel like I am on the right track to taking the power into my own hands to live a life free of anxiety.

There are no wasted words here. At only 88 pages, the text can be considered short and sweet. The author’s intent for his book is to entice readers to delve deep inside and discover what triggers their anxiety, why this happens and learn how to prevent reoccurrence.

Individuals can reap rewards from this self-help, non-fiction guide – however, educators would certainly benefit in using this as a workbook in anxiety support groups. This book is also available in print and electronic formats to fit a variety of needs.

ISBN#: 1-59113-872-8
Author: Mike Marcoe

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