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Seventy-five pages of poetic thought on everyday life, including the author’s frustrations with shopping and solicitors, greet the readers of A Voice in the Night, by GeorgeAnne Smith. She also includes a touching homage to the men and women who protect and serve us all. An interesting poem speaks from the view of a person who is shocked to find out someone was molested, when they had no idea it had happened.

GoergeAnne’s insightful life skills in Within You struck a chord in my mind that rang for days. I felt a sort of kin-ship with the author through Last Words of a Beauty Queen, a poem full of love for nature - something that is dear to my heart. In The Flow shows that poets are not striving for riches or recognition, but are fueled by the faint hope that their words may ease the journey for another human being and break the chains of their despair by making them feel less alone. With Eyes Open is a poem that refers to the purging effect that writing can have for the writer. I thought thatSeeds of Content has an interesting feel to it, reminiscent of chanting.

Glimpses of an older style of writing words slightly reversed, such as "searching we are, a golden life" and "on target, we all are" is something that I particularly picked up on.

To leave you with a little sample of A Voice in the Night, I have chosen this wonderfully written excerpt from the poem Awaken This Lifetime:
"Life may seem, but a merry chase,
Quite overwhelming, a dreary fate
Don’t get discouraged by a hurried pace,
Seek to awaken, for its never too late"

ISBN#: 1-4137-9489-0
Author: GeorgeAnne Smith
Publisher: Publish America
Published: Sept. 15, 2005

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