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Phillip Margolin's novels have hit every major best-seller list across the country, including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Los Angeles Times and Publishers Weekly. The best-selling author and Edgar Award nominee returns with "Lost Lake" (HarperTorch, $9.99), an explosive thriller about how a young journalist's "paranoid" theories just might be true.

The main character, Vanessa Kohler, is a tabloid reporter living and working in Washington, D.C. She writes fantastic stories about a vast government conspiracy headed by General Wingate, a popular presidential candidate who also happens to be her father, and most dismiss her as a crackpot using sensationalism to sell papers.

Drawing from 25 years of courtroom experience to create nuanced characters and high-intensity action, Margolin's novels just keep getting better and better. Critics report that "Lost Lake," with all of its murderous intrigue and plot-driven suspense, will not disappoint.

"Lost Lake" is part of HarperCollins' Premium Plus initiative, which offers a more readable type and size, and offers an additional value: Readers who love Margolin can register online to receive a free mass market "pick of the month."

Phillip Margolin fans take note: HarperCollins Publishers is releasing the author's newest hardcover thriller, "Proof Positive" ($25.95), in which the author relates just how unreliable CSI evidence can be-when misused by a remorseless killer.

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