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Want the inside track on what fuels the stars of NASCAR? Get it straight from the winner's circle with grill master, Big John Youk. Big John changed the way NASCAR eats by making winning food for champion drivers.

In his new book BIG JOHN'S SPEEDWAY GRILL: Racing Tales & Sizzling Recipes from the NASCAR Tracks, he brings his straight-shooting techniques for great barbecue from the speedway to your driveway. BIG JOHN'S SPEEDWAY GRILL is more than just food. The book is an inside look at NASCAR literally straight from the gut with stories and anecdotes about stars like Kyle Petty, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Tony Stewart alongside the food they love to eat. Foods from In the Pot-Hole Chicken to Teach Those Brats a Lesson to Swimming to Freedom Swordfish to Dumpster Divin' Pecan Bars (named for Kyle Petty who literally dumpster dove for them), Big John Delivers. Big John puts tailgating and backyard bashes on track with his surefire recipes, all of them easy to prepare and hearty enough to satisfy a fierce appetite. The recipes contain no obscure ingredients. This is grilling for the everyday barbecue chef, without any complicated maneuvers. "Big John's Speedway Grill" serves up sizzling platters of easy, crowd-pleasing winners like these:

• I Want My Baby Back Ribs: Big John shows how to grill 'em to perfection-so tender the meat is falling off the bone, with every bite delivering the sweet-and-sour flavors of brown sugar, onion and garlic.

• Oh Say Can You Sea Lobsta & Steamas: A turkey fryer becomes a lobster pot.

• Holy Cow Ribeyes & Spuds: The secret is to start marinating the meat hours in advance, and give the potatoes plenty of grilling time.

• Barbecue Beef Sandwiches: Chuck roast, Louisiana hot sauce and onion buns are the trifecta in this juicy speedway favorite.

• Dumpster Divin' Pecan Bars: They're so good they sent Kyle Petty bounding into a Dumpster to retrieve a batch tossed out by mistake. Categorized by region, from the Carolinas to the Great Lakes and the Southwest, with stops at world-class tracks in between, "Big John's Speedway Grill" is also packed with insider NASCAR memories that readers will relish while they're chowing down.

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