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Who isn’t familiar with Dan Brown’s provocative book, The Da Vinci Code that stepped on, what Christians consider, very sacred ground? His absorbing tale of Jesus’ earthly lineage through Mary Magdalene sparked passionate debates around the world. Was Jesus married? Were original documents destroyed to keep his secret safe? Is his claim to divinity a charade? Before Da Vince had a Code there was an Antichrist Code that blows the Da Vinci Code out of the water. 

The Blueprint of Deception The Antichrist is known by many names all related to the same goal of discrediting God, reducing Jesus Christ to an ignoble prophet or do-gooder; but behind the masks there is one central character who has been with mankind from the beginning—the Antichrist spirit, who is Satan himself, spinning his web of lies. Satan’s blueprint of deception and plot to destroy the human race can be traced to the ancient writings of Enoch and Adam. Adam had first hand knowledge of Satan’s intrusion into this dimension and quotes Satan as saying, “Inasmuch as we do not know the day agreed upon with you by your God, nor the hour in which thou shalt be delivered, for that reason will we multiply war and murder upon thee and thy seed after thee. This is our will and our good pleasure, that we may not leave one of the sons of men to inherit our orders in heaven” (1 Adam and Eve 57:8–9). 

Breaking the Code "Breaking the Antichrist Code: The Blueprint of Deception", authored by Drs. Eric and Maria vonAnderseck, delivers on its promise to uncover the truth that Satan has tried to hide. This Christian book uncovers the shocking depth of resentment Satan holds against God that directly spawned six thousand years of war upon Adam’s race. Satan’s wish to suppress the truth about himself and hide God’s original plan for Adam began the most strategic and successful disinformation campaign humanity has ever known. Enthralled by the intrigue of mystery, many “holy grail” industries have arisen, seeking to unlock the secrets of life in many DNA codes. From the astrobiologists who examine microbes from Mars to unlock the mystery of “are we alone,” to alchemists who seek to escape the curse of death, everyone is looking for the “elixir of life.” Other such “holy grail” searches include the hunt for the chalice of the Last Supper, a variation of which hints at a blasphemous “royal” bloodline to Christ through Mary Magdalene. For centuries, humankind has been influenced by many Arthurian legends that enchant the mind with information that would lead to power over evil. Books like The Da Vinci Code demonstrate how the soul is fascinated with codes, mystery, intrigue, and the possibilities of unlocking a hidden power that can transcend mortal restrictions to experience the God-Code that intuitively rings true about our original creation and potential. 

Uncovering the Truth The authors conduct a complete step-by-step analysis of Satan’s code of deception that he has used for six thousand years to acculturate the world to his system. Central to their analysis is an examination of Satan’s psych history. The authors put Satan on the psychologist’s couch and picked his brain to uncover the truth about his expulsion from heaven and the cause of his madness. What made Satan step outside of the divine order that God had given to him? What prize did God seemingly withhold from him that drove Satan to countermand God and steal the prize for himself? Satan is said to have had his eye on the throne of God. If the throne of God was never promised to Satan, yet Satan aspired it, to whom did God make the promise to share His throne? The spirit of Antichrist dates back to that history. Uncovering the truth about that history also unlocks the mystery of good and evil, the fall of man from the grace of God, our changed reality, the human condition, and the motives of fallen angels’ intercourse, both spiritual and physical, with the human race. With apostolic authority and precision apostle Eric vonAnderseck weaves together scriptures from the Bible, the books of Enoch, and 1 Adam and Eve to put together the most comprehensive study of human history ever written, answering deep spiritual questions that have plagued mankind since the dawn of time.

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