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A chiropractor is a person who applies the method of cures the patients with chiropractic treatments. Chiropractic is a form of health treatment that involves non-medical, drugless, non-surgical treatments. This medicine concentrates on the treatment of spinal misalignment and prevents health troubles that are allied with the nervous system.

Requirements to become a chirporactor are metioned further a 4-year undergraduate/college prerequisite in most states. The training comprises of 4 years that is divided into 2 years of basic sciences with a requirement of  sucessful completeion of Part 1.

The training period of a chiropract is of 2 years which includes the clinical sciences after which National Boards, Part 2 is required. If the chiropractor plans to use physiological therapeutics in practice then, Part 3 of the National Boards chiropractic training is necessary.

The diagnostic imaging, chiropractic technique and case management, skills of a chiropract are tested in the 4the part of the cirricullum that may be required for the state specific practical examination in some states. To become a licensed chiropractor 1 year internship period at a college clinic is also required for those training to become a chiropractor.

Requirement to become a chiropractor also include optionally available preceptorship programs that are scheduled after the study programe of the boards. These programs are taken by the individual training, are completed prior to chiropractic licensure and are the essentials of the the internship requirements. The skills that are included in the private practice are learnt during the internship program and by practicing in a clinic outside the teaching institution.

Post- graduate requirements to become a chiropractor 40 hours of approved course work that credits every two years, that is also common in other states is reuired to become a chiropractor. The chiropractors can work towards the goal of gaining board certification that is available at the post-graduate residency programs.

Many of the chiropractic colleges offer these programmes in 1st and 3rd year sylabbus or these can be taken while in practicing at different clinics across the United States of America. Chiropracts course work comprises of 300+ hours , with least period of practice of 5 years. Written and oral examination are followed by these 5 years of practice is followed for successful completion this course.

The certification programs of chiropractic includes of Orthopedics, radiology, Nutrition, Sports Medicine, Family Practice, Rehabilitation etc. Like other doctors, a usual routine to get needed information to diagnose and treat patients is followed by the specialists at Chiropractor. Patient’s medical history, neurological tests, orthopedic examinations and medical history is needed by  these people. They may also suggest some laboratory examinations.

The Chiropractors lay emphasis on radiotherapies like X rays and other diagnostic images that are vital for the diagnosis of the spine problems. Specialists at the Chiropractor also study the posture of the patient and spine with the use of the special procedure. Chiropractors manually adjust the spinal column for patients whose health problems can be traced to the musculoskeletal system.

Other alternative medicines such as treatments using light, water, ultrasound, massage and electric treatments are prescribed to the patients. The Chiropractors also use heat and acupuncture. Supports such as straps, tapes, and braces are also used that can be adjusted manually.

Chiropractor also provides counseling to the patients thus making them aware about health concepts such as exercise, nutrition, stress management and changes in lifestyle. These treatments do not perform surgeries or prescribe drugs.

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