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It might happen that you are a new homeowner and want to insure your home but don’t know about Homeowners insurance. You might take advice of an insurance broker, but at the same time you should also have some elementary knowledge as well.

Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers that might give you some guidelines about Homeowners Insurance.

Q.1 How can I find the right homeowners insurance?

Answer: Internet is the best option to get the right homeowners insurance. You can find online homeowners insurance quote and can make a comparative study to get the best deal.

Q 2. How can I find the best home insurance rates?

Answer: To find a right home insurance rate you should shop around. You are recommended to contact all local insurance agents or brokers to know their norms and terms regarding their area of coverage. You can even request for an online home insurance quote. A comparison of all collected information will help you great to find best homeowners insurance rates.

Q 3. How the security of my house affect home insurance rate?

Answer: Some of the home insurance companies are associated with security companies. If you install in your home modern security facilities like burglar alarms, home video camera, fire alarms and deck-bolt locks to assure additional safety, the insurance companies will give you discount on the home insurance rates.

Q 4. How smoking is related with premiums?

Answer: Smoking is the one of the main causes for residential fires. If all the family members are non-smokers then some insurance companies offer to reduce premiums.

Q 5. Can I get discount, if I am pensioner?

Answer: Yes, of course you can. Some home insurance companies provide discount for senior citizens of the country. If your age is more than 55 and you are a pensioner, then you are qualified for a discount of 10 to 15 percent.

Q 6. Can purchasing more than one insurance policy from the same company help me?

Answer: Buying homeowners insurance policy and auto policy from the same insurance will surely help you getting low rate insurance.

Q 7. Will my rate grow up if I file insurance claim?

Answer: One insurance claim will probably not affect the rate but more than one will surely grow up your rate.

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