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Directory submission service is a specialized service and not a simple data entry job as most people think. Directory submission requires precision knowledge of SEO and the skill level comes into play when a limited space is available for submission. Most unskilled or non-seo submitters tend to crop the latter part of the description if its too long without knowing that most times it hurts the campaign and the entire purpose of directory submission is lost by that very SIMPLE looking crop.

A skilled Directory submission service provider will always have 2 sets of the description and anchor ready before he starts submission. This factor is entirely lost while doing an Automated submission. Exactly why one should never try using an Automatic Submission. I believe that manual submissions done precisely taking care of the best available category. The match-making  process is best done with the HUMAN factor.

There are very few directories that allow Automated submission and most have a verification code entry to prevent such process. The Automatic softwares miss out on these directories which comprise of a majority of  the total web directories.

Also noticeable is that directory submission looses its purpose if submitted to the wrong category – either it is rejected by the moderator or if listed, does not help with the Search Phrase. A wrongly listed website will not pull its weight with the Keyword linked to it. Rather it’s a wasted effort.

If you need to know more about Directory Submission Services – kindly contact the author’s website.

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