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We're all aware of how difficult it is to find business builders.

This can be tough...Even with the best recruiting techniques.

For me one of the better ways to find business builders is to Retail to Recruit.

Personally I think your MLM business should be made up of 75% retail customers and 25% business builders.


Having more retail customers ordering from you week after week, month after month, year after year creates that residual income we all want. Plus you now have an army of customers that are spreading the word about your products. People will talk more freely about products that are doing well for them, then they will about a business opportunity.

In one case people feel they are sharing, in the other they feel like they are selling (guess which one?).

When people talk about products they're sharing an experience, when they're talking about a business opportunity they feel like they're selling.

In my company we make great money with retail sales and business builders. Personally It's easier to find retail customers than business builders, plus your income is generated faster. (of course that depends on your pay plan, for example I get paid every week with ours).

Let me ask you a question.

Do you think it's easier to introduce the idea to someone who is in love with your product/service they can have their own business or to someone who has never tried your product or service?

Kinda of a dumb question, because I know you know the answer.

Once someone has been using you product for about 30 days or so. And before I go on I trust you have been in contact with your customer to see how he/she likes using your product. More importantly have they used your product at all.

You would be surprised at how many people will buy a product and not use it.

If you do come across someone who has not used your product don't say "WHY NOT".

Tell a story.

For example, lets say you sell product XYZ and you called a customer and they have not use it yet.

Me.. "Hi Bob, this is Duffy how do you like XYZ?"

Bob.. "Oh I have not tried it yet it's still in the box, no time to busy"

Me.. "I can relate to that Bob. When I first started taking XYZ I started noticing a difference after only 3 days, I could fall asleep faster and I woke up more refreshed and with more energy and I am getting the same feedback from my other customers as well. I'll give you a call in few days and see how you're doing. Talk to you then, have a great night."

I did not challenge him, I accepted his excuse and I went on to tell him a story of how XYZ has helped me. Do you think he is going to leave your product in the box for one more day...I doubt it.

But even if he does, just keep telling stories of the things XYZ is doing for you and others

However, if your customer has not tried your product after 2 or 3 phone calls (5 or 7 days). Personally I would offer them a refund. With that the customer will either say no and try your product, or they will accept your offer. If so, great, either way it's a win-win.

If this person lived in my city I would go over and pick up the product. It’s not doing him or you any good just sitting there. It might as well be given to someone who will use the product.

Ok, it's been 30 days or so since your customer has been using your product and they love it, what now?

The next time you talk to a customer you can say something like this:

According to my records, it's time for you to reorder. How would you like to save up to $10 off your next purchase? For every name you give me of someone I can send a brochure to, I'll give you $1 off up to $10. Is that fair?


If they are internet customers you would be offering them a $10 rebate after they place their next order. Simply tell them after you get the contact names and confirmation of their next order you will send them a check in the amount owing. The above is for local customers that you are personally delivering your product to.

This is a great way to get warm leads.

Then you take a flyer or brochure about your product. Put a yellow sticky note on it and say Hi "Sally" Mary Jones has been taking this product and feels great and thought you might be interested. Your name, your address your phone number.

Then, after you mail the info to the referrals, you call them in a few days. And say:

Hi Sally. This is (your Name), You don't know me but Mary Jones asked that I send you a brochure. Did you get that brochure? Listen, our product is helping a lot of people around the country--it's helped Mary.

The product is less than a dollar and a half a day and it's got 100% money back guarantee. Would you like to try it or do you know anyone who'd like to try it?

(I used what it costs to use my product each day for the above example, replace that with the break down of your products cost per day).

Now it's been about 2 months after your original customers first purchase. Depending on your products user rate you may have talked to them as little as 2 times, but that's ok.

Now say something like this:

Hello _______ How are you doing?

Have you experienced any additional positive results with your product?

Listen, I can't offer you a discount this time. "4" of the people of the "10" names you gave me are on the product and they're loving the product. They're going to reorder the product. Would you like to supply them and make the profit or would you rather I supply them?

If they say they would like to earn the profit, they have just given you permission to show them your presentation.

You're now retailing to recruit.

Until next time.

To Your MLM Success
Duffy Rogan

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