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The objective of multi-level marketing (MLM) is to sell the product or service and to encourage the client to become an independent distributor, who then sells the service or product as well.  Leads are vital for any business to grow, and in order for the business owner to have the greatest success, the leads must be curious enough in the business opportunity to have expressed an interest.  The prospects that have expressed an interest in becoming distributors are known as Targeted MLM Leads.

To find targeted MLM leads, business owners must first have ample knowledge of their target market.  Are they self-starters?  Do they have the commitment necessary to be part of a network?  Business owners must also understand the product or service, the company mission statement, and its goals and objectives well enough to offer a good sales presentation.  Delivering a presentation, however compelling, to someone that has not shown interest in the product, service, or business opportunity is a waste of time and resources.  

Business owners can acquire targeted MLM leads from various sources.  The most convenient sources are the companies that compile and sell lead lists.  The business owner, however, should be careful when choosing a lead list source, as some may be fraudulent.  Some targeted MLM leads are identified through telephone interviews or direct mail response.  Business owners can also obtain targeted leads from promotional give-away programs that have high traffic.  Usually a person will fill out a simple survey to claim the promotional item, and the business owner can then use the survey to assess whether he or she will be a quality lead.

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