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In today’s market it is important for an agent to have a website that caters to the needs of the consumer. This means that a website needs to go beyond the old rule of providing just the pictures, size, style, and price of a home. The agents website today needs to have more information and links to the communities they serve. It should have information about the city/town, local newspapers, libraries, schools, public transportation, and shopping.

If you find an agent who includes this kind of information on their website, you probably have an agent that is current with today’s technology and is thinking about the customer’s needs instead of his needs. One more thing, if you are a first time homebuyer make sure the website has free articles that talk specifically about your needs

You should be concerned if your agent does not have a website. It can mean:
1. S/he is new in the business or refuses to accept change
2. S/he may not believe that the Internet is important.
3. S/he is afraid of technology

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