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Running a wedding car business can be, although stressful, interesting and exciting. You are among beautiful cars, you often meet new people and you have the feeling that you help them have a perfect wedding day.

You have to always think how to fulfil and extend your clients' wishes, while remaining competitive and increasing your income. There are some tips that you can follow.

Firstly, you should have your auto park kept in best possible conditions. Enlarge the number of the cars according to the clients wishes. Most of them want limousines or old cars for their wedding day. But a lot of other cars are required for the guests. Be flexible and accept to decorate the cars according to their wishes (flowers, traditional white or colored ribbons).

Secondly, make sure that you have hired the best personnel. A fully trained chauffeur is not only a must, but can add a plus to your firm's image. They have to be professional, persuasive, but friendly.

Then it would be better to have different offer packages (for example transports from the bride's house to the church, from here to the restaurant and from there to the chosen hotel or the airport / railway station).

It will be also a plus for your business if you assure the exclusivity of the car on the wedding day (everybody will be more relaxed and it will be plenty of time for photographs).

The wedding transport plays an important part of the celebration. You and your firm have the possibility to help making the wedding day a day to remember!

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