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How to raise funds?

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Stay at home moms, school children or just about anyone who wants to raise some funds for either a good cause or for some personal reasons need not worry about which fundraising idea they would use and considering that there are actually a of fundraising ideas out there. It’s actually up to you to pick the one that it suitable for you target market.

Common as well as tried and tested fundraising ideas that are sure to be able to earn you a lot of money are the following:

1. The Basics

- Use baked goods that look appetizing
- There is no need to be extremely competitive with your peers
- Presentation is as important as quality
- Sell as much baked goods as you can
- Offer a package deal where you lose money on one item but make it back on another

2. Offer Samples

A good fundraising trick when it comes to bake sales is to provide your customers free taste so that they’ll be able to sample the goods before they actually commit into buying them. You may think of this as costly but you wouldn’t really hand out actual sized muffins or cookies, just bits of it will do and if your baked goods are really good then your customers will probably end up buying more since bake sales are fundraising events that don\'t really occur very often thus customers may wish to stock up a bit.

Other popular baked goods that sell easily during bake sales are:

- Home made cookies
- Cakes
- Pastries
- Cheesecakes
- Soft pretzels
- Pies

3. Cookie Dough

A new fundraising idea when it comes to bake sales is to actually start selling cookie dough that comes in all sorts of great tasting flavors! This item has a high selling factor because you can price it far lower than regular cookies (as it takes you less time and effort to make). Make it as unique as possible. There is actually no need to spend too much on eye catching packaging. You just have to be very creative and incredibly resourceful for this one.


- Chocolate chunk Chunks of chocolate are fabulously laid out onto the cookie
- Peanut butter Nutritious yet an incredibly sweet delight
- Sugar Baked to golden and crisp perfection, this is already a household specialty
- Snickerdoodle Deliciously sweet cinnamon that is mixed with your cookie dough
- Oatmeal raisin Chucked with delicious sun dried raisins with oatmeal that is reminiscent of what your grandmother used to make
- Candy There are rainbow embellished cookies that can easily catch your little tykes’ fancy usually made with M&M chocolate as toppings
- Chocolate macadamia nut Just the sound of this luxuriously creamy cookie dough is enough to make your mouth water
- Triple chocolate Chocolate lovers rejoice at this incredibly sweet and delicious home made treatan
- Chocolate walnut crunch Another cookie dough favorite at fundraising events

4. Pizza Cards

Another popular fundraising idea nowadays is selling pizza cards and the community discount fundraising card. During these hard times, people would actually avoid a couple of bargains here and there but scrimping on food was never an option. That is why pizza cards are a great fundraising project. Not only is it very convenient to sell pizza cards (you can just phone up people, offering them the pizza cards or just knock on your neighbors’ doors and start offering your product), but there is actually no need for you to organize an event for this anymore. In addition, a lot of people are easily attracted to how cheap pizza cards actually cost.

Pizza companies actually love this fundraising idea as they tend to get more customers and would actually gain a lot of profit if you’re able to sell 30 pizza cards. You in turn will also earn a lot since if you buy the pizza cards in bulk you’ll actually be able to buy them from the supporting pizza company for just $3.00 each! It’s perfect for all sorts of fundraising events from school charity fundraising events to the neighborhood fundraising project.

5. Discount Community Cards

Discount community cards, however, are the most profitable and popular fundraising product ever. This actually proves to be a bigger bang for your customers’ buck as they can choose to avail of all sorts of products or services from the various neighborhood establishment area. Unlike the pizza card wherein you can only use it for getting pizza, the discount community card is far more flexible. Great for bargain hunters.

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