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A Simple Guide To Choosing A Domain Name

There has been much debate on which factors are the most important when determining what domain to purchase. Choosing a domain name should be deeply tied to the business plan and the vision of the company. A domain can be chosen for its advantages in Search Engine placement, a company's brand, or as ... a dot com business, rather they are a valuable (yet, not essential) component in an array of variables that make an Internet business a success.

by BunBunny
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Domain Name Suggestions For Success

Have you seen or read some domain name suggestions? What did you find? Some explanations and facts? Obviously, these are some of the basic questions when asking about domain name suggestions, and these questions often surface as the number of domain name resources and web sites provide some sorts of domain ... know how to balance their ideas with yours. Those suggestions are just there to give you some ideas, but the decision is in your hands.

by Knighttime
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Domain Names Can Make You A Millionaire

With an increasing number of businesses needing names for websites, owners of in-demand site names are becoming millionaires overnight. For example, in March of 2006, the domain name sold for $500,000. The site now includes links to adult sites and airfares. The seller, Amy Schrier, ... unsure of the value of their site, most of the domain name resale sites have appraisal services available for between $15 to $30 per site examined.

by Richard S.
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Domain Name Registrars – The In’s And Out’s!

Do you want to have a domain name? Or, do you wish to register for your domain name? Well, that is not too hard though. With the presence of the domain name registrars, your desire for domain names will be made possible. But what really are domain registrars? In a most concrete identification, the domain name ... in the world of domain names. So if you wish to own a domain name, then you know now where to request for it and where to find it.

by CharmingChamp
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The Most Expensive Domain Name In History

Has everybody heard of this young entrepreneur, Andres Kello? He's the guy trying to break the World Record for the most expensive Domain name ever. Price Tag? How about 12 million plus one dollar. From the proceeds of the sale, at least $4,000,001.00 is pledged to charity. Another $4 million is ... many years from now! For more information and a chance to get in on the action, please head on over to See Ya! Barberman

by Slayerk
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Domain Name Registration – What’s It All About?

The domain name registration is not that a lengthy process. This is the common reaction that most the domain name consumers often say. Speaking of the consumers, it is a fact that the consumers play a vital role for a domain name registration. It is in their hands that the ... for such registration, every registrar also sets the price it charges for registering domain names, and generally the prices vary significantly among various registrars.

by SilentTrooper
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Domain Name Transfer – What Is It And How To Do It?

What is a domain name transfer? Is this an ordinary process of transferring just like those regular transfer processes? These are just two of so many questions that surround the domain name transfer. So you want to know the answer? Then, you read on. Essentially, a domain name transfer is made ... transfer. So upon the completion of the registrar domain name transfer, the holder can log in to the new account at the new registrar web site.

by HuggingDuck
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Are Free Domain Names Worth The Cost?

Everyone likes a bargain. It's even wise to keep one's costs down. On the other hand, you can be so cheap that you cut your own throat. Here are two ways to register a domain name for free and some reasons why you might not want to. 1. You Must Have Your ... issues with navigation (bookmarking or finding specific pages) and search engine friendliness. Therefore, for serious business use, consider carefully the true cost of free domain names.

by LovableStorm
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How DNS domain system work?

How DNS domain system work?

by BouncyOracle
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What is domain name registration?

Are you considering doing business online? If you're affirmative about that then, you need a home for your site on the Internet first, for that you'll have to register a domain name. A domain name provides your website an Internet address. Under the Domain Name System DNS, domain names are framed of ... -us domain. If you are marketing the products or services globally, you can choose to register the online business as a dot-com or a dot-biz.

by HarmlessRose
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What are the domain name extensions?

What is a domain name extension? This is the most popular and foremost question when it comes to domain name extension. Many people were really asking that question times every time a subject about domain name and its extensions is tackled. Well, fortunate for them that they are actually left with answers on their hands. ... what is included as the newest domain name extensions are .asia, .cat, .jobs, .mail, .mobi, .post, .tel, .travel, and .xxx.

by List
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How to choose effective domain name?

How to choose effective domain for my website?

by List
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