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How to start wholesale jewelry store online?

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Opening your own jewelry store has never been
easier than it is now. In fact, you can use the
Internet to open your own online jewelry store and
never stock a single piece of jewelry! In fact, your
jewelry store could be open for business in less
than a day – and the only thing you would need to
do is market it! This is pretty much an instant

First, find jewelry wholesale suppliers. If you want a
truly ‘hands-off’ business, find a wholesaler who will
drop ship to your customers. This way, you never
have to handle any of the stock. Here is how it
works. You get your website set up, with an online
catalog of all of the jewelry that you offer. You
market that site to the public. Customers start
visiting your site, and they place orders. You
forward those orders to the drop shipper, and the
drop shipper handles the rest!

Most wholesalers will require you to pay for the
merchandise before it is shipped. This shouldn’t be
a problem because you will require your customers
to pay for their orders at the time the order is
placed. Of course, you charge more for the jewelry
than the wholesaler charges you.

In most cases, you will be allowed to set your own
prices. Look to see what the wholesaler charges
you, including shipping, then add 15% to 30% to
that price. This is what you should charge your

If you aren’t sure how to go about setting up a
website, you can probably find a wholesaler who
will provide you with a website. Most of these
wholesalers charge a fee for the site, and your site
will usually look like all of their other distributors.
This should be your last option.

You may consider opening an eBay store. There is
a fee for this as well, but at least your store will be
unique. You can also bypass the eBay store and
simply set up eBay auctions, which are very
affordable for everyone. Make sure that you set a
minimum reserve price for the jewelry that you are
selling so that you don’t lose money, and make
sure that the buyer pays all shipping costs and

Again, setting up an online jewelry store with
jewelry wholesale is one of the easiest ways to start
a business today. You can literally be up and
running in a few short hours, and making money
within twenty-four hours of ‘opening your doors!’

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