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Wholesale beads are designed and developed by each and every wholesale jewel maker, and they are considered to be one of the most important works in the jewelry industry. Designs and patterns of pure metal or gold are topped with various kinds of beads. The list of different kinds of beads include swarovski crystals, cat’s eye, Czech beads, glass beads, magnetic beads, trade beads, seed beads, cabochons, natural beads, pearls, Venetian beads, bicones, acrylic beads, European beads, and sterling silver beads.

Wholesale beads are most common in a circular form with a customary hole in the centre. These are designed in various shapes and varieties of beads. Long cylindrical beads are one of the popular beads. There are also rectangular or square beads, 6 faced or flat beads and also heart shaped beads. Wooden beads that are made from carving the finest quality wood pieces are used to make wholesale beads of various shapes.

Seed beads are very popular kind of beads, which are made from long hollow glass tubes called canes. These canes are chopped at varied lengths to get the desired kind and shape of wholesale seed beads. They are made of a blend using two different kinds of glass materials. Wholesale beads are usually purchased in strands. A cat’s eye bead, which is of size 4 x 6 mm and 16 inches long, can range around $2. A glass bead can cost you $0.91, whereas tube beads can cost you $1.35 a piece.

The kind of glass used for making beads easily determines the kind of bead. Wholesale beads made from Murano glass are very famous and are developed by well experienced craftsmen. Usually, the glass which is used here is melted in the open air in order to develop more attractive beads. Leaded glass or crystal is used to make various varieties of crystal beads. A high amount of lead oxide is used in the raw glass material making it hard and brilliant. They use high technology in precise cutting and polishing tools to produce wholesale beads with a great style.

Pearls are another famous kind of wholesale beads available in the market. They are shiny organic gems produced from oysters. They are classified into natural fresh water pearls and cultured pearls. They are available in various colors like white, cream, pink, blue, black and beige. A strand of fresh water pearls can range around $1.75.

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