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It is very hard to be "the new guy in the block", since in most of your interactions you will have to try leave good first impressions. Some say it is most important to be yourself and care about others and things will turn out great. It is the same with companies. Read further for deeper insight into this.

Being new means you have to build trust and reliability from the very beginning, so that your clients feel comfortable to do business with you. Building trust requires consistent efforts in every channel of communication with clients. It is rather clear how you can do that in your interactions eyes-to-eyes. But:

• How can trust be built when you do not physically meet your customers?

• How can you build trust when you can not smile and use your friendly voice?

• How can you get over the concerns about Internet privacy and security?

Most of your visitors search for credibility indicators on your website before they leave you their money. What matters is the whole online experience you are providing them: website look, navigation, content etc. If you have done all that right, by placing a chat button and giving guarantee of personal service and support you can complete their whole perception. Think about your personal contacts - the people you meet and talk to frequently are usually the ones you trust the most. Communication is not the only ingredient for developing trust, but it is a critical one.

Let's consider some things to build trust from the angle of live support and chatting with your online visitors:

• Show your spirit! What makes us happy is style, beauty, positive attitude and pleasing experience. Emphasize to your online visitors that your company is not stale, but it is fresh, energetic and growing.

• Be accessible at any point of clients' decision making - place the chat button on every page they would need assistance;

• Show them that you care by reading carefully what they write and personalize your reply;

• Be sure to use the three elements of trust: consistency, responsiveness and honesty;

• Be interesting and entertaining where possible;

• Be different from others and have style!

• Don't try to look big. Try to serve customers the best way you can!

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