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Heavy transport refers to moving heavy material from place to another. Material movers are the people who perform such transportation. These heavy transport workers need special training if they are to work with chemicals, toxic material or specialized machinery. Physical training is required where extreme physical exertion is required. Heavy transport workers require a good sense of balance. They must possess the ability to read, understand and judge. Possessing basic arithmetic skills is also an integral part of this business. Many employers allow experienced workers to qualify as a trainee or a supervisor.

Category of Heavy Transport Workers
Workers in the heavy transport industry may be categorized into two groups: the laborers and the operators. The laborers work manually while the operators handle machinery and other equipments. These are the industrial truck and tractor operators, crane and tower operators; dredge operators, underground mining loading machine operators, pump operators and many others.

According to their designation, these workers perform their duties. Like the truck, tank and ship loaders work for loading and unloading material at the dock. The shuttle car operators are responsible for the running of electric or diesel cars in the underground mines. Machine feeders are responsible for oiling and maintaining machinery. Wellhead pump operators take care of smooth flow of gas or oil from power pumps and auxiliary equipment. Similarly, all types of workers strive to do their particular assigned jobs. They are, thus known according to the work they perform.

Heavy Transport: Nature of Work
Heavy transport work is repetitive in nature. It may seem monotonous to workers. Therefore, shifting the duty time seems an appropriate option. Workers generally put in eight hours shifts and some times even longer. Many factories have round-the-clock shifts. Workers are hence required to do night shifts as well. The working conditions of heavy transport workers are at par with any other profession, when it comes to the hours put in.

Heavy transport is a thriving business. It provides employment to large number of people. It is on this business that a large number of big enterprises and factories depend.

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