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How to prepare for a successful podcast?

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For those of you who have already launched your initial podcast, it may take a while before you begin to see an increase in traffic to your site.  But it may be a good idea to start considering how you’ll respond when you do.  Before you figure out how to spend your new revenue, it’s necessary to train your staff to cope with the increased amount of interest and additional consumer inquiries, so that they can become satisfied and loyal customers.  

First of all, it is important to remember that your podcast is only one part of the marketing mix.  So anything that you mention or highlight in your podcast should be reflected elsewhere.  There’s no point in directing people to check out a new range of products online if they aren’t featured on your site.  And even if the product is listed on the site, you need to make sure that it has prominent placement and is not hidden in some dusty corner of your site that’s harder to access than Fort Knox.  It seems obvious, but it’s usually the seemingly simple things that get overlooked.  It's also important to note that your sales force or customer representatives will require training so that they too are equally knowledgeable about new developments and ready to answer any questions that may arise.  This is critical because members of the sales force are the ambassadors of your company: if they don’t know about the product, no one else will either.  To make things easier, it may be worthwhile to prepare a list of Frequently Asked Questions and their appropriate answers, so that everyone is informed and consistent in their replies to inquiries.
More importantly, when those inquiries prompt sales (your ultimate goal), you certainly want to be equipped to satisfy increased customer demand.   Be sure that your product or service is readily available and that distribution channels are in place for customers to quickly receive what you have to offer.  After all, it doesn't matter how many customers you attract if the infrastructure to serve and retain customers isn't in place.   
More frequent visits to your website and increased purchases help develop and solidify the relationship with your customers and enables you to build a closer relationship with them.  An effective podcast also helps to build brand loyalty by encouraging listeners to subscribe to the podcast news feed and creating a relationship between your brand and the customer.  By encouraging customers to download the most recent shows or having them automatically delivered to the client’s pc, the likelihood of regular contact and interaction with your target audience is significantly increased.  
So, what exactly do you need to do to prepare for the influx of customers?  
1.) Keep track of all the news and highlights featured in your podcasts.
2.) Create an FAQ sheet for all Customer Service and Sales personnel so that they can answer questions about the changes or new services.
3.) Remember to update your website, print ads or other marketing materials so that they also reflect the changes and present a cohesive brand image.
4.) Make sure that you have the products/services readily available and that the distribution channels are able to effectively bring them to the marketplace.
By following these steps you can ensure that when that additional traffic does hit, you’ll be able to convert visitors to customers.

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