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How to get publishers to notice you?

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If your articles are not getting published very often, or you just want to increase the chances of them being published, then you will benefit from the tips in this article.

1. Article Length
You should always keep your article 500 to 800 words long. If you cannot fit what you want to say into that amount of space, then break your article up into more than one part.

2. Resource Box Length
When writing your resource box, keep it 5 to 6 lines long. In a resource box, you are simply trying to get people to request more information, not sell them something. If you want a longer ad, buy one!

3. Line Length
The lines in both your article and your resource box should be formatted to 60 to 65 characters per line. One of the consequences of not doing so is that, in some email programs, your article may appear with every line at a different length. You can get your article formatted, as well as learning its character, line, and word count, at the following website for free.

4. Is Your Article Actually An Article?
Publishers want to provide their readers with actually useful information and you should want the same. If you write an article, that is just a sales letter or press release it will be rejected 99 percent of the time.

5. Inactive Links
Before you even think about publishing or submitting your article check that all links within it are active and working. Nothing is more irritating than to click on a link for a site you are interested in only to find out that it no longer exists.

6. Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar
If you submit your article and it is full of errors, it will be thrown into the trash folder so fast that your head will spin. Submitting articles with these types of errors not only makes you look extremely unprofessional, but it shows disrespect for both the publisher and their readers.

7. SPAM Triggers
As a courtesy, you should run your article through a program that will check it for triggers that could possibly get it rejected by filters. This is not a necessary step but it will definitely impress publishers and increase the chances of your article being published. You can check your article for free at

8. Publisher Guidelines
This should be understood without having to say it, but it is still important enough to mention. Always, always, always follow the publisher's guidelines when submitting an article to them. Not doing so will get your article rejected quicker than anything else.

Making the above mistakes will insult the intelligence of the publishers and their readers, as well as wasting your time and theirs.

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