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Are you an author who would like to get a book published?  If you are, you may have heard that getting a book published is a lot easier said than done.  Yes, this is true in many cases, but it is important to know that you should have access to a number of resources that can help you improve your chances.  A few of those resources are highlighted below for your convenience.

Printed publishing guides are must have resources for all writers that want to get a book published.  The most well-known of these guides is that of the Writer’s Market.  The Writer’s Market books and other similar printed resources outline publishers.  These publishers are often categorized based on genre.  Information that you will find may include addresses to send your manuscripts to, the average number of books a publisher puts out each year, book themes that publishers are looking for, as well as rules and restrictions on submitting book manuscripts.

The good news about using printed resources, like the Writer’s Market books, is that they are easy to come across and affordable.  These books can be found available for sale online, as well as in local bookstores.  Many libraries also have them available free of charge.  Although the cost of buying is likely to vary, most publishing guides can be purchased for $20 or less.  So, pick up a copy of the Writer’s Market or another similar book for yourself today.

When looking to get a book published, the internet is another resource that you should use to your advantage.  In fact, the internet holds a wealth of information for writers who are looking for publishing help.  For starters, there are a number of websites that list information on publishers in specific genres.  In a way, these websites resemble an online version of the above mentioned Writer’s Market books.  You may find these websites, as well as direct links to well-known publishers, by performing a standard internet search.  Use phrases such as “children’s book publishers,” “science-fiction publishers,” and so forth.

The internet can also be used to help you find other book publishing resources, one of those being information on writer’s conferences.  Each year, multiple conferences are held for writers and all across the United States.  They often include a number of educational and fun activities, such as meet and greet sessions for writers, sessions that cover the art of writing a book, sessions that cover the publishing process, and much more.  Many of these conferences also have well-known or at least published authors speak.  Costs will vary, but any admission fee is usually more than worth it.

Writer’s critique groups are another resource that you and other writers can benefit from being a part of.  These groups are typically small in size and they often result you being paired with another writer or two.  Typically, what happens is that you will share your book with others in the group and others will do the same as well.  Information, tips, and feedback will be exchanged.  Many unpublished authors find success with writer’s critique groups, as they serve as a miniature focus group.

Similar to a writer’s critique group, editors are also valuable resources that unpublished writers can benefit from using.  Of course, a good book theme and story is important to get a book published, but proper grammar is important as well.  If you do not like proofreading or if you know that you miss common mistakes, it may be in your best interest to hire the services of a professional editor.  Typically, you will find their affordable costs to be well worth it.  Agents should also be examined.

As previously stated, there are a number of resources that hopeful published authors, like you, should have access to.  Since many of these publishing resources for authors are easy to gain access to and affordable, you should give them a try.  The more resources that you use to your advantage, the better your chances of getting published are.

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