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Not everybody goes into teaching by getting a degree right out of high school and making it a profession from there on out.  Many wonderful teachers take on the profession as a second career.  There are a lot of reasons it happens like that.  Perhaps you are unhappy in your current career but you keep doing a certain job because it pays the bills.  It is very easy in youth to just fall into a job niche because it happened to be a job you got,  Then  after you developed a resume and got additional training, you found it difficult to leave that job to pursue your passion.

Teaching is as much a calling as it is a profession.  As a profession, its often a career that does not attract the best and the brightest to become teachers because the pay is low and the frustrations and demands are high.  So many people who may at heart be "born teachers" spend some of their adult life in other professions. If this is your story, you may be coming to a place in your life when that inner teacher is struggling to get out and get you into the career you of teaching young people full time.

The good news is that in this modern time, much progress has been made to offer you a way to get the degree, the education and the certification to make that transition from your current career to a life of a teacher with little disruption to your life.  One such way is to get your teaching degree from an online university as a remote student  In that way, you step through all of the requirements for your degree using the internet and eventually get that degree so you can easily transition into a life of a full time teacher.

It used to be considered far fetched to get an entire degree online.  But almost every university in the country now offers a remote study program so you can satisfy every aspect of a degree plan on your own schedule using the internet as your classroom and your teacher.  The lectures can be presented as video files and you can even participate in group projects and discussions via chat, message boards and wikis that the instructor can set up to bring you along through each class.

The good of this kind of program is that you can go about getting your teaching degree while continuing to hold down your full time job.  Because the "classes" you take are online and recorded, except for live events such as team meetings, you can take each session when you get home from work and even pause them to deal with family issues and then continue when things quite down.  This is an ideal situation for adult education when quitting your job to get another degree is just not practical.

The hard part about getting your degree online is that, like study by mail programs, the discipline to keep up, to "attend" class and to do your reading and homework is entirely put on you to stay with. Its very easy for life's demands to draw you away from your degree plan and to slow or stop you which then makes getting the momentum going even more difficult.

But if you enlist the aid of your family and establish times when dad or mom are "in class" even if you are just locked in your study doing your online coursework, that regimen can help you get through your classes and successfully graduate ready to start a career in teaching.  And when you are finally doing the job you feel is your calling to do teaching youth, the hard work of taking that degree from an online program will pay off.

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