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Good Reasons to Teach

The teaching profession is a unique career field in a lot of ways. Because you are taking on the challenge of educating children or teenagers, along way you will become very much a part of their society with all the positive and negatives that go with that. Its for that reason that before ... day, they you have found the right reasons to teach which means you will be successful, well liked and remembered by your students as a great teacher.

by OpinionOwl
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Where the Teacher is Mom

There is an army of teachers in this country and around the world that get no pay, do not show up at a classroom and get no recognition for the work they do. But they are doing the job of teaching young minds and getting them through a year of academic work. These are the minions of home ... a new appreciation come in to your child's eyes when he or she suddenly realizes that mom is still mom but she is also an outstanding teacher as well.

by TrustyKitty
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Breaking into the Working World of Teachers

In every college in the country, there are ambitious and starry eyed youngsters who are preparing for a career in teaching. At some point that army of graduates will hit the streets to find jobs in the field of teaching. What is not often taught in colleges are the real world skills of how to ... use it extensively to find a position to get your teaching career off on a great start toward a great future of success in the field of teaching.

by SleepyFledgling
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The Brass Tacks About Teaching

Like any job, teaching children is often idealized and romanticized by young people preparing for a career in education. Then once the reality of what life is like as a teacher hits, it can come as a rude shock. This does not mean that the ideals and values of teaching the next generation ... with students and you see them get excited about what you are sharing, that one moment makes dealing with all of the other frustrations entirely worth it.

by GroundHurricane
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Decorum in Teaching

One reason that many if not most teachers go into teaching in the first place is that you have a love of children or of youth and you not only love teaching them but you love hanging around with them. Teachers are very often driven by an inner passion for their students and for the subject matter ... or even students can see something and decide to make an issue of it. And once something like that gets started, it is very difficult to stop.

by SwiftHeroine
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The Costume of a Teacher

One of the bibles of the business world is a book called Dress for Success. This book describes how to dress for the roll of a successful business person and that wardrobe will help you step into that role. In many ways the Dress for Success tells us that how we dress for work is somewhat our " ... wardrobe is right and you are dressing in the costume of a teacher, you will "become" a teacher and step into that role you were born to play.

by Sumogre
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A Modern Way to Start Your Career in Teaching

Not everybody goes into teaching by getting a degree right out of high school and making it a profession from there on out. Many wonderful teachers take on the profession as a second career. There are a lot of reasons it happens like that. Perhaps you are unhappy in your current career but you ... are finally doing the job you feel is your calling to do teaching youth, the hard work of taking that degree from an online program will pay off.

by Mosquiche
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Test Driving a Teaching Career

Deciding to become a full time teacher is a big step. You may be able to remember teachers from your youth that seemed to make it look easy and fun to be a teacher. So if you think you might have the temperament for teaching and that it would be a rewarding career, the best way to ... feel comfortable to move on. And when you conquer that stage of orientation to teaching, you can take that final step and become a full time teacher yourself.

by Tabooccaneer
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The Cyber Teacher

Becoming a teacher today is means learning to teach with new tools and resources that were unheard of only twenty years ago. There is almost no part of the education experience that is untouched by the computer or the internet. So the more you look to becoming a "cyber teacher", the more you will ... will be a better teacher because you took the time to learn to tap the power of the internet to become a cyber teacher for your students as well.

by Sassassin
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The Power of Differentiation

The last two decades have taught us a great deal about how students work and think and the differences between different students and how those differences change the way those students process information and learn. On the surface, as a teacher, its easy to say, well I cannot change my curriculum ... and unique characteristics of each child, you will find the outcome of your teaching so much more effective that you will never want to go back.

by GamerAlpaca
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Preparing to Become Certified

We require a lot of our teachers. It is one way that society maintains a high quality of education that we require that our teachers go through extensive training and are certified as ready to teach our students before they are permitted to take over a class and carry the title of " ... shy about taking advantage of these and all of these resources that are at your disposal to assure your success in taking the Teacher's Certification Test.

by MysteryWasp
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Passing the Teacher's Certification Test

Most of us learn a lot about how to take exams when we are in high school or college. But the day you go to take your test to gain your teacher's certification which will give you the license to teach anywhere in the state can be a day of significant stress. The more you can do to ... , ou can take your time and reason them out. This approach to testing along with careful marking of your answers is a proven method to assure your success.

by GreedySmile
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So What Do You Want to Teach?

When a person introduces themselves to you as a teacher, the question that you invariably ask is "So what do you teach?" How the person answers that question can tell you a lot not only about how they feel about their calling as a teacher and how they feel about their students as well. ... into the work to create students from disinterested young people, you are in the right line of work and will enjoy a long and rewarding career in teaching.

by FatKomodoDragon
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Talking to Students or talking AT them

There is a phenomenon that all public speakers encounter when they are addressing a crowd that if you thought about it very much, it would get to you. It is a phenomenon that any teacher who is trying to impart knowledge to a room full of students will experience as well. And if you think about it ... But once you do that, the feed back you will get and the quality of your teaching will improve so dramatically, you will never want to go back.

by GreedyPig
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Becoming a Truly Professional Teacher

There is something so satisfying about working with a true professional in any line of work. When you have a professional on the job in any area of specialization watching that person in action is like watching a work of art. They exude the knowledge, the skill, the devotion to doing a top ... you as you teach. And that kind of interactive dialog is what makes the difference in the lives of students and makes you a true professional teacher.

by LoyalChief
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I Want to Teach in Your School

A job interview to teach in a public school or in any institution of learning for children or youth is unlike any other kind of job interview. And it is worth our time to discuss what makes that kind of job interview so different so you can go in and land that job you want and get the next ... naturally with students and brings out the best in them. And if you can get that message across during the interview, you will land the job every time.

by BumblingBee
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Meeting the Class for the First Time

Preparing to become a teacher is a big undertaking. Its easy to get caught up in getting through college with a degree in teaching, passing your teachers certification exam, finding the kind of teaching position you want and getting through the interview that there is one more level of challenge that ... trusting and more productive. And it all started because you refused to be that one thing that students hate. You refused to be boring.

by Herogue
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Can You Teach if You Are Old?

If you are just preparing to enter the ranks of professional teachers and you are not a recent college graduate, its easy to feel a bit insecure and ask that question, "Can you teach if you are old?" Its a fair question even if you are not so far along in life that you consider yourself ... or discomfort because of your age. By being honest about your age with the kids, they will embrace you easily and you will have no difficulty teaching them.

by Dingopher
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The Social Side of School

If you are preparing to become a teacher with the anticipation of leading a group of 20 or more students into the process of academic discovery, it is easy to let most of your concentration be focused on academics and on focusing that class on the school work at hand. You envision yourself in front ... positive social values begin to change lives in your young students, you will get a unique form of pride because it was you that made it happen.

by Butcherry
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A Little Psychology Goes a Long Way

If you are working your way through teacher's college, you are getting a lot of great education that will give you the knowledge and the skills to teach young minds in the not too distant future. But you may not entirely know what kind of minor to declare or what kind of elective classes ... lifesaver for one of your students. And that is a wonderful feeling and all the reason you need to make psychology part of your college curriculum plan.

by PlaySeal
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Giving Your Students an Appreciation of the Arts

When you set out to become a teacher, it isn't always enough just to teach a rote set of knowledge. You want to give your students an appreciation for the each knowledge area so they not only know things and how to do things, they also understand the history behind the knowledge they have and have an ... to them as well. And all of that fun will make them better people which, after all, is the goal of being an educator in the first place.

by ForceSoldier
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Teaching With Powerpoint

The software tool, Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the most versatile tools that the huge software giant has given to us. Business has already discovered the power of this amazing tool. But there are a lot of lessons plans that would benefit from the tools and resources that PowerPoint can offer to ... your PowerPoint lesson plan, you will create a resource for that lesson that can be a valuable part of your teaching arsenal for years to come.

by UncleRhino
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Going to Bat for Your Students

When you set out to become a teacher, you set out to do more than just learn the skill of presenting information to a group of students. A teacher is much more than just someone who hands out information and then gives tests and grades. When you become a teacher, you become an entirely different kind of ... you there. And who knows, down the road your students may come back and go to bat for you in some way when you really need them too.

by HairySeahorse
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The Inner Calling to Teach

When you determine that you want to be a teacher of children or teenagers, that is much more than a career decision. It is a commitment to the future generation and an expression of a nobility in you that would not be seen in any other way. Unlike many other lines of work, people ... mission and the pride and satisfaction of seeing your students do well is a reward for teaching that is impossible to describe and impossible to replace as well.

by MagicalCyborg
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The Courage of a Teacher

When you think of career fields that call for courage, jobs that may call for loss of life are most often thought of. So the career fields of firemen, policemen or the military are jobs that involve a great deal of courage that we cannot discount. Teachers, by contract don't really think of ... documented here that teachers are truly a courageous lot and we can all be glad for their influence on our children's lives and on society in general.

by HarshThunder
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