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Running a membership website can involve many different aspects of the cyber world. Helping many businesses, franchises, consultants, associations, trainers, authors, experts and coaches find membership websites that is useful and has things to help you organize, secure, and market products on an easy platform. Membership web sites will help you sell the most memberships. When you have the automated sales process on hand it helps you to maintain your safe and keep it secure. You can keep everything up-to-date- data base of all aspects of the marketing world, such as leads, information. Members who communicate with your customers and other members via e-mail with product updates or newsletters is a very important tool.

Being able to sell all your products online or offline with the better products, and having to use to all in the library of offered tools, cataloging articles, polls, discussion, group - files and link libraries; when you can print all reports, downloads, and criteria of various members, as well as customers, the work gets lighter.

With membership websites it is possible to start running, a membership website with ease by using the right features.

 The marketing features include
·    Direct response websites for sales and information leading to future members and customers.
·    Auto responders
·    Squeeze page and sales landing page set-ups.
·    Targeted groups receiving newsletters and e-mails
·    Customer and members tracking
·    Management of affiliates and partners
·    Product managements
·    Screen real estate optimized.
·    Operation features
·    Time tracking
·    Complete customer contact management
·    Complete CRM management
·    Help desk and customer support
·    Customer training
·    Customer e-learning
·    Project management
·    Financing features
·    Commission Calculations for payouts
·    Invoicing, payments, refunds
·    Reporting
·    Inventory

This software system offers a simple solution in management and training. It is updated by you and your staff, there is no software to buy due to it running all on the Internet. It has a 24/7 access for self - serve membership.

Colin R. Brown, who is the founder and developer of the Learning Center Technology, and integrated from a vertical system in 1995 by SYNCNET, founded this system. In 2007, it had been released to the public in a form of eBiz Suite 4.0. It can virtually run all areas of your business.

The current customer base includes companies from African Studies association, American physical Therapy Association, Carol Tuttle_ Author, Clockworks
National Association of Certified Valuations Analysts, teen180, University of Louisville, University of Utah
To get started you need

1. Someone to design your web page and basic HTML skills -

2. have complete or close to complete content, the software with eBiz is
Prepared to convert your content to an eye popping attractive web page full of Information for your clientele

3. Follow through; be committed to finishing the job
The cost can be high, ranging about $1000 to start up and then the cost of the web developer to create your content so people will be willing to join your membership can cost anywhere from$3,000 to $50,000. Remember you want it great so people will stay in your group. The customer check in form is a great tool to prepare your business. The questions are simple to read and answer to e-learning content questions includes:
1.    I have existing web content--takes 2-3 weeks to launch at $1000-$3,000
2.    I have content that needs to be converted to the web--takes 1-2 months at $3000-$10,000
3.    I will be creating content from scratch --takes 3-12 months at $5,000 to $120,000
4.    I don't need content selling products only-- takes 1 week at $500 marketing questions
5.    How do you plan to market?
6.    Your potential market size and demographics
7.    Top keywords to use for people to find you and your service
8.    Expected membership size and cost analysis operations questions
9.    How are orders filled?
10.    Shipping methods
11.    Payment gateway, is it currently set up for the internet and what is your monthly limit
You can also see a 4-minute - demonstration to get the real experience of this membership.

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