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You are a marketing professional. If you were to answer few questions, will you be able to? Let me ask you. What is the birthday of your top ten buyers? What is the date of their wedding anniversary? How many children do they have and what are their birthdays. What do they like and what do they hate? Are they deeply religious? Which is their favorite restaurant? I can as k you few more questions like these, but I feel that you are getting what I am trying to say.

In this race of getting orders, who will win? One who knows more about his/her buyer than others? One who knows how to relate to the buyer at a personal level and one whom the buyer will slowly begin treating like a family friend. For achieving that, you must know about your buyer and make use of that information to increase your good will. Let me tell you how you can do it with ecards very easily.

Occasions when you can send ecards to buyers - Birthdays of your buyer, his/her spouse and the children is one day you should never miss. The wedding anniversary, arrival of a new baby, congratulations to a child for doing well in the examination, completing graduation, all holidays and every other occasion when they would love to receive your ecard should be used. Do not miss a single such day, even if you expect next order after a year. Believe me that by that time, you would get so close that your buyer would not call offers from anybody else. Marketing is an art. Use ecards to perfect that at no cost.

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