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Selling profession is a science and an art. You have to treat the customer as a friend and also keep some distance. This requires skill. Selling profession is not for weak hearted people. One needs to have strong determination and persistence. One also needs to use all the resources one can use to increase sales. The first step during any sale is to develop rapport with the prospective buyer. You can use free birthday ecards to do that. Let me explain you how?

Birthday ecards create a difference in your relationship with the buyer. Normally your buyer would like to think of you as a professional and not as a friend. You do not figure amongst the list of their friends at all. Your objective is to get your name included in that list so that you can have long-term relationship and keep getting repeat orders. A birthday ecard reaches your buyer on the day when he/she is feeling very happy. This helps you create association with their happiness and your ecard. Let me explain you how? We normally remember two incidents occurring together, and associate them with each other. When your ecard reaches your buyer, he/she is emotionally very vulnerable. This creates an immediate impact on your buyers mind and you are associated in their mind as somebody who makes them feel good. That is your goal. Am I right?

Search for a good and reliable website for free birthday ecards. Do not use any flashy designs. Use sober ecards with soft music and send it across with a short message. Next time, when you meet your buyer, you will notice a distinct difference in their behavior towards you. They will be friendlier.

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