How can you increase your profits?

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It is one of the most important question that you should ask yourself, and know.
There is only two ways to increase your profits, and we will review them here.
You need first to get more visitors, and in a second time, you need to increase the SPV.

Let' s focus now on the first point: get more visitors.
There is a lot of way to do that, some of them are crucial for your business, while the others are optional; but you need to test them all and focus on the one you like, after you know it is something working for you.
then you will know what is working and what is just wasting of your valuable time.
You can:
buy targeted hits (traffic ) for your website, or send email to your opt in mailing list. (an opt-in mailing list represent a list of customers who agreed from your website form or -other    source- to receive informations for you, or offers, it could be an e-zine, or newsletter,...).

What is important is that you will not be subject to SPAM complains.
You can pay someone  else a commission on sales generated by having him sending massages to his own opt-in list. It is a JV, Joint Venture.
You may pay a fee to put a banner on another website,
or pay someone a commission on sales generated to put a banner, ad or link to his website;
you can submit links to your website to search engines,
or exchange links with other websites;
an option is also viral marketing: you release a free report that contains links to your website and allow website in your niche market to give it away.
You will reach a amazing number of people with that method alone.
You may set up your own affiliate program.
As you can see, increase your traffic is not impossible, and there is numerous ways to do it.

You will need also to  increase your SPV(sales per visitor), which is the second way to increase your profits in any business you are involved in, online or offline.

So go on and make some profits.

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