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The Value of Drop Shipping: How Much Are You Saving?

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in Articles by GamerAlpaca
by Stuart Lisonbee

Now let's compare the length of time we would spend on an auction if we were to use Doba.

Because we are allowed to "hot link" to images on the Doba server, that saves us time right there since we don't need to upload images to an image hoster or to eBay. Let's conservatively say that it takes us three minutes to deal with images, though for an experienced person such as myself, it would probably only take 30 seconds.

Total time used so far: 3 minutes

Now for the item packaging and shipping. Oh, wait a minute; we don't have to worry about any of that! We simply place the order online. I can do that in about two minutes.

Total time used so far: 5 minutes

After submitting the order online, we're done! Five minutes and just two simple steps versus an hour. Which do you prefer? That extra 55 or so minutes can be used to list more auctions, do more research, or do any of the many other tasks that will make you more money (or allow you to kick back and enjoy the free time).

I have one more comment to make regarding drop shipping. Having done both drop shipping and the "standard" method of packaging and shipping items myself, I much prefer drop shipping. The truth is I absolutely HATE packaging, addressing, and shipping items. When I discovered drop shipping, it was such a relief to me that the value of it is far more than the simple calculation we did in the previous article.

For me, it's not just saving time that is of value to me. It's also less stress, and less hassle.

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