The Power of Joint Venture

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What is a joint venture?

Although it is the key to increase your profit and your time off (you sell while you are doing nothing), joint venture is the biggest unused marketing technique. It is a complete win-win situation, and it can be your most powerful tool to succeed online.

The reason why people do not  start joint venture is that they are intimidated . There is different ways to  start a joint venture. Find someone in your niche and try to establish a relationship with him, it is much better than trying to do everything by yourself, and you will see amazing results. You can search for partners in different forums, there is a lot of forums out there, just search for them in the major search engines.

You can get other website send emails to their list, and place  links on their webpages, and pay them only when they make a sale! You must give a high commission to your joint venture partners; 50% or more. You should not give them additional work to sell your products, but you should do all the work for them. They will only have to follow your instructions step by step, and the sales will go on.

Prepare for your partner the following:
The email promotions, the text links and banner ads, the classifieds ads, a product review, the Pay-Per-Clicks campaigns, The famous pop up windows, the product images... When you do that, your partner will be more eager to sell your products, because it becomes a no brainer, and no time is needed to succeed.

A good joint venture will help you to have a fast track start, even if you don' t have a list or a product, because other people will sell the product to their list. You should understand that other people in your niche are not competitors, but actually they are your partners. Remember: other people is the way to  succeed in your business.

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