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Email marketing is an effective way of reaching out to your target audience. It is a cost effective and time effective tool of building strong relations with your target audience.

Advantages of email marketing

They are the most inexpensive way of marketing your products and services.

Does not require much time or effort. You either send personalized emails or common emails to all your customers at the same time

They are received immediately after you have sent them. So even at the last moment you want to send across a message to your customers, they work.

Oms3 we cater to your email marketing requirements with a professional and systematic approach. Here we allot a team of experts managing your email marketing right from conception to execution. After studying you market, customers and competitors they plan out your email marketing strategy. They find out answers to questions like- Which form of email marketing will be best suitable for you?  What should be the frequency of the emails? What should be the style of content writing so as to attract your customers? All such points are thoroughly analyzed.

Types of email marketing

Direct emails: Here you reach your potential and existing customers directly by sending them emails. It is basically used to make some announcement or introduce a new offer.

Newsletter emails: Here you keep your customers, updated about the new developments. It is acts as reminder of your presence in the market.

Emails based on subscriptions: Here the permission of the receiver is must. These emails are personalized and have to be subscribed. They are like promotional emails.

Are professional steer clear of sending spam mails. The standard parameters are followed to avoid spam mails.

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