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That's a popular question.

Some people insist you lead with the business (and they tell you to offer the product as a last resort only if the prospect says No to the business); others say they'd rather lead with the product.

However, there is NO best way for all. Just like there's no product for everyone.

Here are five questions to help you decide what YOU should do.

Remember, you're the one leading, so choose what suits YOU. And no, it might not be the same way your upline tells you to lead. But the two of you might not have the same taste in music either, and that doesn't bother anyone, does it?

The questions:

1. What really excites you more: The product or the business?

2. What do you identity with more: the product or the business?

3. What do you believe you can do better - talk about the product (and your experience with it) or the business?

4. Where do you have more credibility and believability? With your product experience or your business (this or previous business) experience?

5. What is your tolerance for rejection? It's 10-50 times more if you lead with the business than the product.

There is no best way. There is only the what works best for you way at this time. So follow your inner voice. Once you have given that an honest try, you can always experiment with another approach.

After all, isn't the entire thing an experiment? We don't know the outcome for sure, do we? So start with as many advantages as you can: Know yourself, act on that information. Then you will have given yourself the best chance possible.

Kim Klaver is Harvard & Stanford educated. Her 20 years experience in network marketing have resulted in a popular blog, KimKlaverBlogs.com, a podcast, YourGreatThing.com and a giant resource site, BananaMarketing.com which features hundreds of stories, tips, books and CD programs for those who want to learn the art of network marketing.

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