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You, like all marketers have a million and one things to do today!  At the top of your priorities is marketing... finding more customers and raking in greater profits.  If you’re looking for a simple, proven model to create sales content without spending hours hunched over the computer, try the AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) model.  You’ll be amazed at how fast you can create an effective salesletter.

1.  Attention
What captures a reader’s attention more than an exciting list of things that will benefit THEM?  Think about the affects of starting right off with 6 of the most appealing benefits of your product or service.  

A Multi Level Marketer might start a sales letter like this:

* Experience the freedom of ...
* Being your own boss
* Financial independence
* Benefit 3 and so on .....

That gets their attention, and compels them to read on.

2.  Interest
Here’s where we sneak in the basic facts that might otherwise be uninteresting.  The nitty gritty details of the product features won’t hold the customer’s attention for long, so keep it short and sweet.  Hey, it’s great that your swimming pools have filters, etc., but let’s face it... there’s not a lot of excitement going on here!

3.  Desire
Whet their appetite, but give them some cold, hard logic to back up their purchase.  Most consumers buy on impulse, then ask themselve whether it was the right choice.  Don’t make them second guess!  Preparing them to face the doubts with a solid logical reason they got the best deal for their buck might include:

* The advantages of purchasing from YOU.

* Testimonials from other satisfied customers.

* An unconditional money-back guarantee.

* A good deal!

4.  Action
Order now!  Hey it says move it, but it doesn’t pack the wallop of a stronger action statement like this one:

Hurry!  Don’t miss out on this LIMITED TIME special offer.  Call now to place an order, or visit us at www.....

Be sure to give details of how to order.  Make it a part of the command... make it easy to do... provide several options.

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