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Searching for affordable domain hosting for your personal or business website needs could get confusing.  There are so many plans to choose from, and plans are offered from so many companies.  While it is often thought you need to pay more for quality hosting, this is not necessarily the case.  By knowing exactly which features you need for your website, you will find that using the cheaper providers will fulfill your needs for much less money.  

Many companies will offer the same or similar packages for less, offering a more affordable domain hosting service.  When you pay more you probably are just paying for the name of the company.  While companies such as offer site hosting with 5GB of disk space for only $3.95 per month, other companies such as SBC Yahoo! are charging $11.95 per month for the same plan features.  Both remain affordable, though SBC Yahoo! is an established company and able to charge more for their services. is a relatively new start-up venture, though their services are no less reliable.  

For a small, personal website, cheaper is the way to go, as fewer features will be needed.  However, for a large-scale business site, spending a few extra dollars will provide you with the options you will need in the long term.  Just remember that when searching for an affordable domain hosting service, comparing plans is extremely important.  By knowing exactly what each plan offers you pay only for the services you need and avoid paying for features that you simply won’t use.

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