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How Leaders Create Trust

People buy from you, offer help, and grant rewards based on trust. Here are ways to increase your success by creating trust. While ... * Trust others, because this shows that you expect to be trusted.

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Quick Tip - Effective Meetings Earn a Profit

Most people treat meetings as a free resource that can be used to deal with any issue. As a result, huge amounts of time ... profit. In addition, a profitable meeting will be an effective meeting.

in Articles by Sumogre
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Achieve Success with Positive Communication

Use these six strategies to communicate effectively. 1) You can accept anything without agreeing with it. Thus, acknowledge ... apologies. Start by being thoughtful and seeking to understand fully.

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Great Business Standards – Do You Have Them?

If you are a business owner, you probably follow certain standards within your business. I'm talking about those "rules" you set up ... . Remember, you're in control of your business and your life.

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Quick Tip - How to Set SMART Goals for Your Meeting

The first step in planning an agenda is to identify the goals for the meeting. Properly done, goals have five S M A R T ... are so clear that someone else could use them to run your meeting.

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Five Ways to Use a Meeting

1) Determine a person's ability to plan. Does the person who called the meeting have a clear goal and a specific plan to achieve it ... other? Good ethics keep a business on the right side of good.

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Quotes About Bad Meetings

Long pointless meetings are useful in that they keep incompetent people from interfering with those who are working. Bad meetings are ... companies waste almost 20% of their payroll on bad meetings.

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How to Make Friends and Avoid Enemies

Over the past few years an epidemic of rudeness has swept America. Here's how to stop the disease. 1) Acknowledge ... other people win. Share information. Remember: mature behavior creates trust.

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6 Ways to Maximize Learning

Here's how to gain the most from training events. 1) Know what you want Before the workshop, set learning goals for yourself. ... the event in your company. Seek them out to express your thanks.

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10 Characteristics of Effective Meetings

Here are ten fundamental concepts that characterize an effective meeting. 1) Definition: A meeting is a business activity where select people ... it's your meeting, you want it to be your chair.

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