6 Ways to Maximize Learning

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Here's how to gain the most from training events.

1) Know what you want

Before the workshop, set learning goals for yourself. What do you want to  learn? How can this program help you? What would make you feel that your time was well spent?

2) Ask for what you want

As the program unfolds, ask questions that guide the presentation toward the information that you need. Also, seek out specific ideas that will help you.

3) Focus on your success

Rather than fight against new ideas, greet them as possibilities. If the ideas seem unworkable, seek out ways to modify them so that you can use them. Or find parts of them that you can use.

4) Encourage the speaker

Learning succeeds best when you become involved. Thus, ask questions, make comments, participate in the projects. Pay attention. Let the speaker know that you are interested. This encourages the speaker to do a better job.

5) Care for yourself

Keep your body comfortable so that your mind can absorb more. Take a brisk walk during breaks. This increases your heart rate, which pumps fresh blood through your brain. Avoid eating a large,  heavy meal. This sends blood to your stomach and away from your brain.

6) Be grateful

Thank the speaker after the program. Either write a note or stay to express your appreciation. Also thank the people who organized the event in your company. Seek them out to express your thanks.

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