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What Are The Top Five Film Making Producer Skills?

The knowledge of film making is not enough to create a good movie producer. This quality might be good if you are a ... knowledge of the film making process and produce a great independent film.

in Articles by Herogue
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Why Should I Worl For Free In Film Making?

When you work for free in the film making business, it will not be because you don't need or want to get paid. It will be because you ... and you will find you will be on your way to a great career.

in Articles by Dingopher
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What About Internships In Film Making?

A job in film making is like any other position you apply for. If you have no experience, you will probably not get an interview. ... you have as good a chance as anyone to break into film making.

in Articles by Butcherry
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Fly Filmmaking

Fly Filmmaking is closely related to Guerilla Filmmaking. The latter is done literally with all that there is on hand and in the shortest ... on the time and resources it takes to make a short film.

in Articles by Dingopher
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Can You Hear Me Now?

Audio is one of those things that you have to have for your movie but don't want to really think about. You want it to ... work with a filmmaker so that they can partner their music making talents.

in Articles by Butcherry
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How To Produce Your Own Film Making Endeaver?

You may want to start out by producing your own film, if you are up to the task. It is a great burden to take on a ... filmmaking grants into your favorite search engine and you will see what I mean

in Articles by PlaySeal
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What About Flim Making Finance?

Every film maker will reach a crossroad when they must make a decision on whether they want a full-blown career as a film maker ... , as they all have different criteria for the grant giving process.

in Articles by ForceSoldier
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So Many Cameras, So Little Time

Without the camera there is no film, no movie to make. If you start making film on a regular basis you will learn to capture ... and the talent. Shoot anything that moves until you get it down.

in Articles by UncleRhino
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Where Can I Go To Learn Film Making?

There are several choices when it comes to film making schools. At the Los Angeles Film School, you will learn the art of film making by ... films that will show what kind of a film maker you can be.

in Articles by HairySeahorse
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What About Investing In Film Making?

You need to practice caution when thinking of investing in film making. Many people who are quite financially successful, often loose their ... makers there is a good chance you will see a profit.

in Articles by MagicalCyborg
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Finding a Location or Your Film

Being a location scout would seem to be the most fun out of all the jobs offered in the filmmaking industry. It seems that it ... to secure releases from the owners of the facilities you want to use.

in Articles by HarshThunder
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Promoting Your Film

One thing I have learned from friends who have made independent films is that you have to start promoting your film the minute it is ... publicist. Now things are on a roll. Next stop, distribution

in Articles by Knighthawk
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Why Should I Go Into Film Making?

Most people love watching movies, many of them are excited by the prospect of watching the much anticipated movie on the huge screen. ... the key to a long lasting career in the film making business.

in Articles by Scorpeon
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What About Film Making And The Internet?

This is a most exciting time for independent film makers. Now that the internet and digital technology have paired up, we are seeing the ... out there, just do a search on the ever evolving internet.

in Articles by Knighttime
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What Exactly Is Film Making?

I guess the word speaks for itself, film making is the process of making a film from a story idea you have yourself, or ... from this are divided between the production company, and the distributor.

in Articles by Octopuppy
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Tell Me About Film Making Equipment Rental

When thinking about the film making equipment you will need for your project, you will need to make a list as soon as your budget ... of time to test the equipment so there will be no surprises.

in Articles by SilkPredator
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What About The Cannes Festival And Film Making?

For 12 days in the month of May the city of Cannes celebrates the National Film Agency. The town is filled to capacity with ... to enter both features and shorts. There are awards in each category.

in Articles by nicejone
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Filmmaking: In the Beginning

In the years following the rise of the various social revolutions that took place in this country and abroad, the making of film changed ... you need is a working script and you are on your way!

in Articles by Finderpros
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What Will My Film Making Crew Expect From Me?

In this day and age, anyone can become a film maker with a bit of knowledge about the film making industry. Where the new film ... their crew so that everyone knows what to expect from each other.

in Articles by LovableStorm
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What Is The Best Way To Get Into Film Making?

To find a job in film making is quite a difficult task, film making is not widely advertised. Film makers looking for a crew rely ... job you will have a good chance of being hired on future projects.

in Articles by GiftedWrecker
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Filmmaking is Storytelling

My first introduction to film in school was during a film analysis class, although technically, it was classified as a philosophy class. ... the guns to shoot, everything starts to gel. Press onward.

in Articles by AmazingKitty
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The Joys of Film School

For the aspiring filmmaker film school is a joy. Not only does it serve to give you the rudimentary skill set you will need, ... Plan on sleeping very little and learn to love pizza and Top Ramen.

in Articles by Amigod
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Film Festivals and the Filmmaker

Chris Gore writes a book called "The Ultimate Film Festival Survival Guide". In the first 10 pages of the book he talks about going ... sooner rather than later. Don't wait until the last minute.

in Articles by Cybora
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Filmmaking is an Orchestration of Various Elements

Filmmaking is an orchestration of various elements that brings about the desired result, your story literally brought to life. Screenplay, ... in order to practice and get some tips on lighting.

in Articles by Prepatriarch
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