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Most people do not prepare properly for an interview. A lot of time, energy and money are spent in preparation for the chance to ... be direct and honest. Unfortunately, during interviews we are of

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Nursing as a profession

Nursing is a highly regarded profession with high standards of honesty and ethics amongst various other professions. Nursing has emerged ... bidding is an emerging concept where nurses can find va

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10 Career Change Myths

Career Myth #1: You can't make a living doing something you really, truly love This is the grand-daddy of career myths, the belief ... If you do, you might be falling prey to the career epiphany myt

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Find The Perfect Job In No Time

It's about who you know, NOT what you know! But, what if you don't know anyone? Then what are you suppose ... /or position. You should familiarize or refresh yourself with the requirements/qualific

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Your Best Job Search Tool May Be Your Computer

Have you ever been frustrated at the lack of job possibilities advertised in the classified section of your local newspaper? Large papers may offer ... . All you do is key in a word or phrase (such

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Ask Your Own Questions

Okay, you have made it to the end of your interview and the interviewer says it is now your turn. They want to know if you have ... deal breaker for you, find out now what the company has to offer.

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Be Confident in a Job Interview

Who isn't nervous during a job interview? Even the most self-assured candidate is going to have a moment or two of self ... an ego boost before an interview can certainly boost your confidence level.

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Be Honest in Job Interviews

There is a difference between telling a story highlighting the positive to make you sound better and lying to the interviewer. It ... or state anything that cannot be backed up by your references.

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Be Specific when Answering Questions

Sometimes - or more like every time - you go for an interview, your nerves make it hard to concentrate and answer questions to ... you have the skills and thought processes that they are looking for.

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Be Thorough but to the Point

If you love to talk and when you are nervous can go on and on, or if you are the opposite and clam up when you are in ... , less is better - an interviewer will ask follow-up questions if necessary.

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Bring Doubles of Everything to an Interview

In addition to a list of questions you want to ask and a pen and notepad you should also bring duplicate copies of anything else ... sure to let the person know before you arrive for the interview.

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Don’t be Late for an Interview

This may seem obvious, but it happens way too often. No matter the reason, there is no excuse for it (besides an injury or family ... , follow the tips above to arrive not only on time, but early.

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Don’t Make Assumptions

This is a good piece of advice to follow in life, but it also has a special place in an interview setting. You want to ... that you are still competing for the job and sell yourself accordingly.

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Enthusiasm in a Job Interview

Are you excited at the prospect of getting a new job and are thrilled that you were called in for an interview? Well, then show ... down a bit for the interview so you do not overwhelm your hosts.

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Etiquette Rules during Job Interviews

During an interview you need to mind your manners and follow an unspoken code of etiquette. This is more than your mom's keep ... get it right and thank them for their time when you are leaving.

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Explaining Gaps in Employment

When you get to the interview, be prepared to discuss your resume. In addition to explaining why you left previous companies ... beneficial to them in the case of additional education and classes.

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How Not to Obsess after a Job Interview

The interview is over and you can't help but sigh with relief. You made it through and it wasn't as bad as you thought ... differently at least you know that now for the next interview you attend.

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How to Answer the Tough Interview Questions

Each interview has at least one, a question that you really don't know the best way to answer. It is the one that you agonize ... once - you can always ask for parts of the question to be repeated.

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How to Thank an Interviewer

You may think that it is best to follow-up with an interviewer to thank them for their time and keep your name in the ... time, the interviewer may remember you and think of you before others.

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If you Get Stumped by a Question

You can prepare for an interview until you are blue in the face and still get stumped on a question during the process. It is okay ... , you might provide what they want - but why take the chance?

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Know what Your References are Going to Say about You

Before attending an interview, you should have your references lined-up and ready to provide to the interviewer when asked. More than just ... go quite badly for it to affect a possible job offer.

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Make a Connection

Depending on how popular or sought after the job you are interviewing for is you will have a lot of competition for a few ... of the day, your qualifications are what you should be highlighting.

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Pauses and Silences are Okay

There are going to be a lot of periods during an interview when there are going to be pauses in conversation or flat out silence. ... to be neutral when responding to answers, if the respond at all.

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Poor Working Relationship with your Boss

It may be the reason you are looking for another job in the first place - you and your current boss do not work well together. ... for in the company previously that you can pass on as a reference.

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Preparing for a Job Interview

It is completely natural to feel nervous before a job interview but you can minimize pre- interview jitters with some preparation. ... surprise to you - practice so you can answer with confidence.

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