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How Important Is Website Design?

In this article I will be writing about Website Design, how it affects sales, and how it compares in importance to other aspects of ... you build it, they will come does not apply to Websites.

in Articles by HarshThunder
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How To Choose Your Website Colors

Color is often overlooked in the business of optimizing websites for better returns on investments. Website sales can be greatly ... societal meanings and emotions, so choose with deliberate care.

in Articles by Knighthawk
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How to Optimize Web Site Navigation

Make no mistake. the most impressive looking and product-rich web site will fail to convert visitors into paying customers if they ... ) into a smooth and pleasant ride across the web superhighway.

in Articles by Scorpeon
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How to Achieve a Winning Online Presence

In the online world of the Internet whether you like it or not your initial success is about 80% dependent on your image. If ... possible design technology. So get the Professional edge, and WIN!!

in Articles by Knighttime
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How to implement e-business solutions successfully

Getting your business processes online is not an easy job! According to Gartner Group, a renowned research firm, a full 75 percent ... be ready for changes and embrace them whenever it's necessary.

in Articles by Octopuppy
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How to improve your site search

Making sure that your search engine makes it as easy as possible for your customers to find what they are looking for ... should also provide the telephone numbers for customer enquiries/assistance.

in Articles by SilkPredator
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How To Design A Website If You're A Novice On The Internet

Most of my students are Internet novices and ask many apprehensive questions about how to design a website. They worry about their ability ... Isn't that the entire point of working on the Internet?

in Articles by nicejone
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How To Add Dynamically Generated Graphs And Charts To Web Pages And Applications

Not so very long ago adding a graph or chart to a web page or application required a fair amount of programming knowledge and ... requests for technical help in both a timely and helpful manner.

in Articles by Finderpros
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How to choose a web design company

On the Internet today, there are many people who call themselves web designers and web design companies. Some people do it for fun, as a ... a link on the bottom of the page or on a contact page.

in Articles by LovableStorm
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How To Create Meta Tags To Optimize Your Web Site

In this article, I will teach you the basics about Meta Tags and their functions. Learning how to create Meta Tags is essential for ... "Code". Meta Tags are typically near the top of the document.

in Articles by GiftedWrecker
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How to Make Visitors Add You to Their Favorites

If you want your visitors to come back again and again, you've got to get them to add your website to their favorites (also ... searches into to search the whole web using a popular search engine.

in Articles by AmazingKitty
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How to Make an Outstanding MySpace Page

It all starts with a MySpace editor. What is a MySpace editor? It is a program to help you edit your MySpace page. There are ... pointers in mind, choose your layout and make your page stand out!

in Articles by Amigod
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How to choose colours for a website

When designing a web site, most of the web designers give attention to two major factors; the design, i.e. the graphics and logos ... know when you may need it for the colour scheme of your website!

in Articles by Cybora
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How Flash Text Animation Can Help You

What is Flash Text Animation? Flash text animation is exactly what it sounds like. On your web page, you turn plain text into ... your site a professional look that you and your visitors will enjoy.

in Articles by Prepatriarch
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How To Choose The Right Web Site Builder For Your Web Design Needs

Web site builders are a relatively new addition to the web hosting company's mix of products and services. Website builders have ... and gives you quality, professional results at a reasonable price.

in Articles by Knightmare
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How to achieve success in business using your website

Designing a web site that get results can take time to complete and the best results are gained when you are fully involved and ... purchase from. After all the web site is for your customers!

in Articles by TwinNut
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How to Choose a Web Designer?

To give you a clearcut idea on how you are going to choose your web designer, here are some of the things that you must consider ... the quality over a meager sum. It will surely spoil your business!

in Articles by Explorer
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How To Create Photorealistic Post-It Pop-Up

Have you seen one of those post-it pop-up? The one that looks so realistic, with awesome shadow effect. If you don't know what I am ... where you can get a free set of the code and the PNG graphic.

in Articles by FoolishJaguar
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How to find and avoid overselling hosting companies

If you are reading this you probably need help on choosing a good provider as a hosting service. In the last ten years ... something from this article and good luck finding the right hosting service!

in Articles by HairyFoal
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How to Create a Splash Page for Your Website?

These splash designs prove to be quite popular, especially among the designers as they allow the designer to show their skills in flash ... and sound, to get the desired splash page design they need!

in Articles by HuggingDuck
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How Graphical images enliven web pages

Graphical images definitely help enliven your web pages, if they are used properly. There are basically three types of graphic design ... or through banners adds an element of consistency in the site.

in Articles by Madept
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How To Pick Your Website Colors

Before you can consider the finer points of your design, you need to make the big decisions. Few decisions are more important than the ... things the way a color blind user would, visit

in Articles by Camella
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How to Make a Website (Minus the Headaches)

There is nothing wrong with making your own website if you are looking to save some money. Be prepared however, for your finished product ... don't get confused by all the buttons, and click away.

in Articles by Hawkward
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How to Hire a Web Designer/Programmer for Your Website

Why hire a designer or a programmer? You might ask this question yourself when there are 100's of easy to build software on ... / web programmer who meets your needs and those of your project.

in Articles by Titank
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