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However large your company might be whatever niche of the market it operates in and whatever services or products it provides, it should always stay in touch with the public. Even if the company has large pool of steadfast and reliable customers, it nevertheless bound from time to time to inform them about the latest developments in the company. Nowadays people tend to regard advertisement as oversimplified and exaggerated statement. Only few of them really believe in the text they see on the billboards. How their trust, their confidence can be won? What measures should be taken by the company to gain their attention?

The answer is simple-the company should create press release. A press release is a short (usually not more than one page) informative letter that provides the reader with information on the latest newsworthy developments in your company. It must contain your address as well as the name of the company; the first paragraph of the press release should answer several questions, the most important of which are what, where, when. By creating press releases the company can gain the attention of mass media representatives. Journalists, correspondents, editors and commentators are trusted; the public is inclined to listen to their points of view as people hold the belief that they express independent and impartial opinions. However, writing press release is not composing another advertisement; rather one should focus on some newsworthy event that should be revealed to the public. If you have written and composed press release and it looks more like an advertisement try to rewrite it until it looks like an informative article in the newspaper, magazine or scientific journal.

What can be gained by this? Even as the companies frequently write and publish press releases only few people in my experience really understand the benefits of the pres releases. By publishing them you get the maximum exposure of you company. Wherever advertisement might cost you much energy, skills and certainly money, the writing of the press releases is one of the most effective, custom-oriented and cost-effective marketing tools. Even the giants of the business publish press releases from time to time, and it imperative for the new starters to get maximum possible exposure for their businesses. One should remember that it is extremely difficult to survive in today’s highly competitive and ever-changing environment without it.

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