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Web Site Promotion - 6 Key Press Release Facts - Short Version

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By Anne Marie Baugh

6 Important Facts To Remember:
(1)    Target The Correct Publications - Resist the urge to blast your press release out to thousands of publications, most of who will not be interested. Most likely this technique will annoy them. Instead, target the publications that will be most interested in your press release.

(2)     Send A Personalized Letter - Send a letter directly to the correct editor of the publications you have selected. Don't be afraid to call and confirm the editor's name. Then send the press release with the cover letter and follow up with a friendly, non-pushy phone call.

(3)    Create A Press Kit - Create press kit that defines all of your successes and achievements. Include a bio, press releases, and clips.

(4)    Don't Limit Yourself To Online Ezines and Newsletters - Plenty of valuable newsletters still exist in print, hard copy form. Target these editors as well. Many are hungry for content.

(5)    Get Yourself In Front Of An Audience - Don't forget the real world! Find opportunities to speak to your target audience. Many professional organizations are looking for free speakers. Take these opportunities and run with them.

(6)    Pitch Like A Pro! - Sometimes the best approach to the media is a simple pitch. Forget the press release and all the elegant literature. Make a phone call and pitch your story. It's often the most effective approach.

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