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To date, there are at least 115 magazines published around the world that specially caters to women. The women’s magazine publishing has been a lucrative industry. These magazines do not only focus on fashion, shoes and shopping but also to any interest that concerns women.  May it be about parenting, health, sports or any imaginable activity that women would be interested into like pottery, tattoo or woodworking. The following are some of the famous and the not-so-ordinary titles in the women’s magazine publishing.

The Lady’s Magazine

Also known as, hold your breaths, Entertaining Companion for the Fair Sex, Appropriated Solely to the Use and Amusement, the Lady’s Magazine is the first women’s magazine.  It is a monthly magazine that was produced from 1770 to 1837.

Love, Pearls and Swine Magazine

The unique name of this online magazine is derived from Matthew 7:6 of the Holy Bible. The verse says, “Don’t give what is holy to unholy people. Don’t give pearls to swine! They will trample the pearls, then turn and attack you.” The magazine aims to guide young women who want to get to most out of living in a modern society while still upholding their Christian values. It takes on different topics, from growing pains and faith to fashion and beauty.  Abi Olukeye is the magazine’s current Editor-in-Chief.


Who is Marie-Claire? Jean Provoust, the magazine’s creator, must be thinking of the ideal French woman when he named this magazine when it was first published in 1937. When WWII began, the publication of the magazine was ceased until 1954. Jean Provoust’s daughter Evelyn later took over when he retired in 1976. The magazine’s theme is “More than Just a Pretty Face.” It makes sure that the magazines talks about topics that are relevant to the modern woman. They include politics and social issues alongside fashion, beauty and lifestyle in their issues. It is distributed to twenty-two countries other than the United States.

Sports Illustrated for Women

Sports Illustrated for Women is published by the one of the industry’s largest magazine publishing firm, the Time Inc. From ten issues per year, Sports Illustrated Women or SI Women has published later on two magazines in a month. The magazine has been attracting women’s attention since women are more interested as participants when it comes to sports. Sadly, the magazine only lasted for two years with twenty issues on it.

Zan-e Rouze

Zan-e-Rouze is the Iranian translation of “Today’s Woman.” It is published in Iran by the publishing house Kayhan during Mohammad Reza Pahlavi’s rule. Kayhan is also known to publish other magazines for sports and children. After the Shah of Iran was overthrown in 1979, the company continued its operation in London. Zan-e-Rouze has then shifted its focus, from gossips to women empowerment.   


Every American teenager must have heard this magazine. Seventeen has been first published in 1944 and still continues to enjoy popularity among girls in their tweens and early twenty’s. The magazine features beauty, fashion, health articles and celebrity news. They also have a regular section called Dear Seventeen which gives advices to young women. It has six other international editions in South Africa, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, India and in Hispanic countries.

The Delineator

This magazine's name may sound like “The Terminator” but it is definitely a women’s magazine.  It is subtitled as “A Journal of Fashion, Culture, and Fine Arts.” It was published from 1873 to 1937 by the magazine publishing house Butterick. Although it has already ceased publication, the magazine is still a sensation among Art Deco lovers.

It features Victorian styled fashion on its cover with careful details on the clothes, perhaps to serve as a guide for the tailors.

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